Gemini ‘Beyond The Shadows’ interview

Gemini has been involved in a special project, about which you can discover on the Bandcamp page. We caught up again briefly.

DB: Firstly I feel like you personally never stop, that you are insanely busy… is that true?

G: I’m a bit of a workaholic. I am insanely busy, but it’s all good, there’s not a thing I’d change!

DB: I wanted to ask about the Inspected project: KOAN, Gemini, Culprate and Asa, all different takes and styles collaborating… could you enlighten me on how it came about? I mean something like this isn’t simple, it’s a big move, it takes a lot of co-ordination.

G: Not really, you know it was pretty straight forward. We’re all a really close knit bunch and it was up to me to choose the studio. I went for one pretty easy for us all to get to, and it made the day go in a breeze.

DB: Some cues in the video maybe but who got the ball rolling with the music? Who set the tone?

G: We all had our parts to play. What I think is great about the record is that everyone’s input stands out and is clear, yet as a piece of music as a whole it stands up and is really strong, so I think we really achieved something I’m proud of (I hope the rest of the guys are!)

DB: What came out of it, was there a singular new current that may form the basis of something for the future?

G: We all love collaborating, so wanna keep doing it!

DB: And is something like this going to culminate live in any way?

G: Oh yeah that would be great wouldn’t it? Inspected Presents or something along those lines are definitely in the pipeline, so watch this space!

DB: If younger people are reading this how can they donate, could you do it in person for eg?

G: I’m pretty easy to get in touch with these days – just message me on my page on Facebook and either I or one of my loyal team will get back to them with instructions.

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