Fullarity interview

Fullarity has stepped forward with a stunning ep, out on January 27, via Turbine Music.

DB: I love this ep sounds like it was a blast to make, was it?
F: I’m glad you like it! It took a lot of time to make it. I never seem to have as much time as I would like.
I started producing tracks for this EP six months ago. Firstly I first made the titled track ‘Long Way To Home’ and after sending it to Dan & Chris at Dust Audio we came to the conclusion that I should do a full solo EP for Dust Audio subsidiary label Turbine Music.

DB: This has a soundtrack feel: it makes images spring into mind. Was that the case when you made it? mental images?
F: Lots of images! When I produce something I imagine like I’m in the situation when writing music. I’m also a photographer: the picture for the artwork was taken by me. The connection between music and images appears by itself in my head and is very important to me.

DB: What’s a tune off the ep you could select for us and talk us through.
F: ‘Long Way To Home’ I was on three months’ work practice in Germany for my new job. I missed to my girlfriend, friends, home, language, everything. And this was the base for this tune, the biggest inspiration, the mood what I had at that time and what I want to transfer into the song.

DB: Could you name some inspirations?
F: It would be my imagination, good images that I get, my worries, situation with other people etc. In some measure I include them in my production.

There’s music from other producers/bands/vocalists. Also samples.

When I watch films I focus on the soundtrack and after watching I remember some moment and try to cut some of them for the sample after some work on it.

Also seasons: it’s funny but when its spring or summer I can’t produce anything experimental or deep and dark style. For me this is also a good inspiration when you get up and it’s dark, rainy/snowy outside, you go to work, sit there outside it’s a sunny day. The illustration through a window is like a base for creating music.

DB: I’m reminded of the Autonomic years too, are you a fan? The podcasts, the time when that stuff was appearing.
F: Yep, I’m a big fan too! I remember when new podcasts were coming out and I would put the headphones on and nothing else was interesting.

I have in the box the first Autonomic release: ‘Acacia Avenue / Detroid’ and I often put it on the deck. It’s for me like how to do it properly.

I will never want to sell it.

DB: Will we catch you playing this stuff live? Can’t wait to hear it, whoa.
F: Who knows, I really want to push it on the dancefloor. From time to time I play in my home town, Toruń in Poland, on the ‘Darkroller’ or ‘Bassturbacja’ gigs.

DB: What D&B music is/was in your life?
F: I loved Robyn Chaos and also liquid, such as High Contrast. When I heard Stray ‘Timbre’ it was like “holy &%$*!” I love the Stray works.
I like Kiyoko, Samurai Horo 008. I don’t know from where they get the soundscape or how they create it but it’s for me absolutely artistry.

I’m waiting for the Illustration LP on Cylon, and all of released previews on soundcloud. Firstly I heard ‘The Mantra’ from Pessimist Codecast and it made a huge impression for me. After that I heard the Clarity ‘Wrong Floor’ (below), Nativ: huge!

Many thanks for the support to my friends & family.
Big respects to Dan & Chris at Turbine Music

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  • Adam D.

    Nice Jakub 🙂 I’m proud 😉 Glad to hear you are doing well.

  • Dan

    Nice interview, Fullarity is gonna cause some major waves in the next year or so.