Frontier ep from Rippou


I caught up with Gareth from Rippou to talk about the label and the new Frontier ep out in November.

DB: Tell us about Rippou and the vibe you want to put out there? Sounds full of inventive ideas.

G: Rippou has been set up purely as creative outlet for Bomh & myself for our other projects which range anywhere from Electro to Techno, and I guess in someways will show a more in-depth look at what influenced us growing up musically.

DB: ‘Cruise Control’ is a wicked tune from the Frontier ep, I love it, can you talk us through it?

G: My idea for the Frontier ep was to make something essentially like a journey of a night out that you can just sit in your car, press play and let the music take you.

‘Cruise Control’ is the peak track from the ep so me would be the point you’re en route to the club. I tried to arrange it in such a way that you hear most of the elements that will be in the other tracks so has that kind of extra energy.

DB: You have a D&B background: why the departure from D&B as such, are you exploring new ground?

G: In a way yes: it’s a way more me to lose the template & structure and just introduce ideas I’ve had whilst working on other projects. Another reason is that in my production I’m very much influenced by the ’80s electronic sound. In the past if I was listening to a collection of things it would have included Acid House, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk or some random ’80s thing.

DB: What possibilities does this BPM, differing as it does from D&B, bring up?

G: Working in between the 100-126 bpm range is great for testing ideas and playing with new sounds as there are very few rules I stick to. I can concentrate more on engineering an atmosphere and working on the groove of the track.

It was great after finishing the album I’ve done for Serial Killaz – which has quite a electronic edge – to push further in that direction

DB: Got forthcomings/shouts?

G: Forthcoming on Rippou I have two singles planned: one techno, one electro/nudisco, and Stu (Bomh) has a Techno/Tech House project which will be coming out as well.

Other than that I have remix of Flecks featuring Parly B’s ‘What A Ting’ on Serial Killaz out at the end of October.

I do have one other official electro remix of a Jungle classic to come but not sure if I can mention what yet… and the album will come out at the beginning of 2015.

Shouts-wise just wanna show some appreciation to London Elektricity and the rest of the Hospital/Med School team and also Serial Killaz for showing the faith in what I’m trying to do and also thanks to all the other guys supporting my projects.


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