Frankee ‘Black Heart’ interview

Frankee opens his ‘Black Heart’ to us again.

DB: ‘Firethorn’, ‘Pandorum’, ‘Turning Point’… now ‘Black Heart’: got to say there is always a real sense of occasion and drama in your tunes and the naming of them! They always remind me of great hi octane films or drama. How does that sit with you?

F: I personally love film scores of any kind so for you guys to say that my music reminds you of them is really quite lovely. I always try to recruit a theme within my music which I think is important in music nowadays. I’m constantly coming up with words and names that prick my ears up then I may go and find samples/noises that explain that certain title.

DB: You have risen swiftly with RAM, how does it feel to be where you are?

F: I think I’m the happiest I’ve been for a long time! I’ve been working hard to get to where I have recently gotten to… for over a decade now. So it’s an absolute honour to be exclusively signed to a record label that has been a massive inspiration to me from day one.

DB: Ram is traditionally a BIG look so do you create music that has this in mind? Big shows, big PA systems, lots of people?

F: A big thing that the guys at Ram say is ‘Don’t try and be someone else, we signed you because we like you’. Great advice! My sound is evolving quite rapidly all the time though so expect change, I’d get bored if I was still making tunes that sound like ‘Firethorn’… this is the only reason why I made ‘Black heart’. Experimentation is key.

DB: So where’s your fave shows to play?

F: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Fabric. The club is like a second home to me. Although I have been fortunate to play abroad in various different countries there really is no place like home.

DB: Back to the tunes, what was behind the new batch, the ‘Black Heart/Wonderland’, what was the inspiration?

F: It was all about changing the way I work, again: experimentation. I think something just clicked and I got about four new tracks done in a really small amount of time that essentially got me to where I am now.

DB: So does it point to an album’s worth? or do you prefer short sharp shocks, like eps?

F: I’m just making music and enjoying it at the moment. Eventually I would definitely like to get an album out there but for now I’m not going to run before I can walk.

DB: What’s killing you in D&B right now? I mean great producers abound and D&B is everywhere: on the radio in daytime, on TV, it’s crazy.

F: As you said there are so many incredible D&B producers out there at the moment. Wilkinson’s album is going to smash it, the forthcoming album on Subtitles is seriously good, Xtrah has some quality forthcoming stuff as does Basher and Stealth. A few out of so many.

I’ve also been going back to old classics and treating them like brand new tunes and trying to re-live that first time listen of all the tunes that got me into this scene in the first place.

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