Fracture ‘Better Than Tomorrow’ interview

I caught up with Fracture and chatted about the new 12 for Headz, ‘Better Than Tomorrow/Gangbusters’.

DB: ‘Better Than Tomorrow’ is an exercise in restraint, like standing in front of a big wall with lots of very ugly forces behind.

F: I wanted to do something with that break (Latee ‘This Cut’s Got Flavour’ for the spotters) for a while. But I wanted to do something different so that was the inspiration. At some point I guess it gave me that old Blue Note vibe. I had that pad sound that reminded me of some industrial warehouse shit so that formed the direction.

DB: Totally, it makes me want to be at a blazing Headz or Exit night. I mean great D&B does that, it bounces off great points of reference but where would you drop a tune like this?

F: Well it’s not really a party track and going back to my previous answer I think it suits 5am at a warehouse somewhere. Or maybe on your own on your headphones walking through some industrial part of town. It’s quite a lonely track.

DB: The flip has another vibe again.

F: Yeah this one’s a little more jungley I guess. It has more of a sense of humour.

DB: How do you check music, how does it all stream together, what sort of habits do you have in this regard?

F: I listen to the radio a lot. I check NTS Radio quite a bit. There’s a guy called Tim Parker who does a show called You’ll Soon Know. The name says it all. He always plays something that pricks my ears up. Kutmah also does a show on NTS which has been killing me recently. It’s always really different and I never know what any of it is and I love that.

DB: What live dates have ye?

F: Well this weekend I’m playing at Cable on Apr 6th. Then you can catch me in Birmingham at a night called Shelter on 11th May I believe. A host of European dates and then Dimensions at the end of the summer and, fingers crossed, Sun And Bass.

DB: You never sleep do you.

F: Haha no, trust me I am eating. In fact, cooking or going out for food keeps me inspired. Allows me to fill the creative well when it runs dry.

DB: What about when travelling abroad, any tips?

F: You know what I do when I’m travelling for a show abroad… I always pack a bag of mixed fruit and nuts because you never know. Them ones when you have to go straight to the show from the airport or when the promoter didn’t go to bed till 7am and you have no Russian money to buy any food. True story.

DB: That’s nuts. What about some tunes that are delivering, name 3?

F: Definitely Om Unit & Sam Binga’s EP on Exit. All 4 tracks are DAT HEAT! There’s a track called ‘Flocon’ by Moresounds which is super deep and then I was rinsing that new track by Rashad & Manny called ‘Drums Please’.

DB: Imagine there’s a clock ticking and you have 10 seconds to nominate a key period of D&B. Which?

F: Oh god. Ok… I gotta say that in recent years the Autonomic podcast era really hurt me. Whenever that was? Again, like listening to Kutmah’s show I didn’t know what any of the tunes were. There’s something wonderful about that. Really inspiring. It’s like you have no preconceptions. It’s pure.

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