Fracture at The Alibi

3056 Fracture at The Alibi

Fracture appears Friday 22nd at The Alibi in Dalston (flyer at end) and spoke to us as he veers slightly from the D&B template.

DB: First of all what beats are you drawing for this? What’s in the box?

F: Well the guys run a footwork night so I’ll pretty much be playing footwork and footwork-inspired stuff. Some jungle too. In fact most of the so-called ‘footwork’ stuff I’m playing is not actually footwork at all. It just seems to be called ‘160’ at the moment.

DB: So what sort of music has been killing you?

F: There’s loads that is doing it for me right now. Other than the usual suspects there’s a guy called FishStix who’s doing some excellent footwork jungle, very authentic sounding…

… then there’s young Sam Binga who’s recently done an EP with Om Unit which is gonna drop on Exit. All four tracks are wonky footwork slowfast madstep.

DB: How has it found its way into what you do?

F: I’m always after fresh ideas. The footwork thing seemed to fit with my productions seamlessly. Now it’s created a totally new beast!

3064 Fracture at The Alibi

DB: So tell me about the night? I feel it will be rammed too.

F: It’s run by some young guys that have a total passion for the vibe. They expressed an interest to have me play there, I went down and saw Mike Paradinas and Ital Tek play there and got down with the vibe. It’s also just down the road from where I grew up.

DB: btw have you more videos planned?

F: There’s always going to be more. I’d say watch this site very closely

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