Fractals interview


Fractals are due to drop the excellent Forward in Time ep on Killscreen so caught up to talk about the ep and D&B.

DB: First off we have had the world of the Nightstalker from the Killscreen camp, now we’re Forward In Time. It all makes me think of great films and moods. So if this new ep was a physical place what sort of vibe is it, what time of day?

F: Good question! Nightstalker obviously had the night theme going on and Forward in Time shares that, but it’s more sparse and bleak, so time of day it represents would have to be those weird, haunted hours before dawn.

DB: What sort of things inspire you to get producing? Do you get a spark or is it organic? ie it just occurs in the natural production flow?

F: Lots of different things, but usually it’s just listening to other music. Sometimes it might be hearing mad sounds in the outside world that triggers a thought like ‘I want to make a bassline from that sound’ but most often it’s from listening to podcasts or new releases or old classics that inspire me.

DB: Can you walk us through a tune on here?

F: Sure. ‘Ego’, for example was built around this sample from a podcast that Thrash Pilot showed me. He basically said ‘there’s a five-minute section on this podcast where these guys talk about fractals. You should make a tune with it’. So I did. I called it ‘Ego’ cos I liked the whole idea of producers name-checking in their productions and saw it as an ego thing. The track itself evolved quite naturally around the sample. I had something dark and snarling in mind after listening to the sample, so built some stuttery drums and the bass parts flowed quickly from that. It’s not my favourite on the EP, but it’s the one most people seem to like.

DB: What other artists of a shared mindset/vibe are you into?

F: There’s so much amazing stuff out there at the moment – it feels like a really exciting time for D&B. Hard to hone in on just a couple of artists but off the top of my head; Skeptical’s productions are incredible, DJ Philth, Optiv, BTK, Gremlinz, too many others to mention!

DB: I also ask as you subscribe to the Less Is More ethic, so who else ‘gets it right’?
inspire you?

F: Again so much good stuff going on at the moment, but a few snapshots would be; Flexout Audio for their wicked podcasts and consistently great releases, E-motion Records, Doc Scott and his Future Beats podcast, Dispatch Recordings, Dub Phizix, Exit Records, the Autonomic podcasts and loads, loads more!

DB: How would you sum up?

F: The last few months have been pretty hectic on the release-front, so it’s studio time for the Killscreen boys! Thrash Pilot is currently working on a raft of brand new material for his forthcoming album and if the stuff he’s shown me is anything to go by it’s going to be unreal!

We’ve also got a collaboration project on the go, which we’re calling Fractal Pilot. It actually works in such a way that we both write in our own studios, then fire projects over to the other for their input. It’s early days at the moment but the sound so far can only really be described as whipcrack destructor futuristic bassline mentasm. So look out for that one.

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