Fox Stevenson interview

Fox Stevenson has done a mix to coincide with Shell Shock Vol.2 on Firepower, so we caught up.

DB: Hi, how’s 2014 been?

FS: 2014 is looking super awesome right now! I’m headed to the US a week from now to film my first music video, up and down the east coast, then I have my first ever show on American soil in Miami at the Circus records grand central LP launch night, beyond that I have a new EP coming out at the end of April then my follow up firepower EP some time in June, as well as a third EP we have in the works after that! But that’s not definite yet!

DB: It’s looking big. Super basic question alert: what was the moment in your life you determined to do this, music-wise?

FS: There have been plenty of moments of that for me; I was an early bloomer when it comes to electronica / production, my first taste was hearing the Prodigy at a young age: I loved ‘Outer Space’ the moment I heard it.

From about 2000 onwards I was experimenting with varying levels of production software, along the way I got into Fatboy Slim, Pendulum, Hospital Records and plenty other artists and labels, the moment that got me really into it was my first upload on

It hooked me right away, and I still don’t know why, it’s made me very competitive with my music too, which may not be the best thing but I wouldn’t change it! Xkore, Space Laces and I all had our starts there, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were others.

DB: Speaking of new material back at start, what’s some recent tracks you would talk us through, in terms of the vibe you’re instilling there?

FS: Well the title track of my next EP is a track called ‘All This Time’, it’s pretty riff-based with an instrumental drop, it’s a pretty good representation of what I’m about: it’s energetic, has a strong bass, and it stays melodic throughout.

There’s a lot of compromising on melody around these days, but I strongly believe that you can still have the heavy intense energy dance music needs, while still holding onto the melodic content and euphoria.

DB: I feel that you are always busy in production: is the studio your favourite place to be?

FS: Ha ha yeah, I definitely am! It’s definitely up there in my favourite places; there isn’t a feeling comparable to the moment that you make a section music sound completely intentional and great to your own ears, it’s so unbelievably fulfilling, it’s a rush like no other, I’m completely addicted to it.

When I produce my tracks I don’t really listen to the drops as I build them, I know the pieces I want to fit together and am comfortable with how I want to do that without hearing it, so when all those pieces are played together I’m hearing it for the first time, just like a listener would.

I almost make music for a second version of myself.

DB: And what about this mix (at end)… there’s some cool selections there such as N3GUS, Flux Pavillion and your own material… was the mix fun to do? I mean you could’ve gone on for hours I feel!

FS: Yeah this was a fun mix, for a long time I mainly mixed D&B but this mix has pulled away from that I feel, i’ve got much broader horizons now and this mix is a bit of a celebration of that. I love music with attitude, or cheek, stuff like N3GUS or Space laces always has this extra element beyond good melodies or sound design or production, that make them totally infectious.

DB: Where do you like to play out live best of all, reaction-wise? Big or small?

FS: That’s a hard question, sometimes the big crowds are harder to get completely hyped, but it’s totally worth it if you can, and the smaller crowds are so intense that it’s a totally visceral experience, this might be my ego talking but my favourite is when I can get a Larger crowd on my side, but it couldn’t play only shows like that: the intimacy of the smaller crowds will always be something I’ll crave too.

DB: What’s a track that is good to draw live?

FS: Currently the track that is killing it for me is my unfinished / unreleased track ‘High Five’! It’s part of this new sound I’m playing with, it’s like D&B / dubstep in tone, energy and groove, but it’s at 128 BPM, which is the tempo of most house music. Most people find it easiest to dance at that tempo, and it definitely shows, if I play this at D&B shows it goes off because they like the tone of the track and find it easier to dance to: at dubstep events it goes off because it’s got a faster groove but still ends up being danceable… and at house events it’s got a totally different energy and aggression.

I always look forward to playing out ‘High Five’!

DB: Does the audience expectation change from town to town?

FS: Every crowd is different, as a DJ you do your best to find what it is the crowd want from you track-wise every time you play, but it definitely does vary, it keep me on my toes mostly!


DB: Last, can you give us the lowdown on the Shell Shock Vol 2 and what we are in for? Can you be spokesperson?

FS: Yeah! Shellshock is a collection of goodies form the last year of Firepower: some previously unreleased stuff and some gems from the years releases, it’s a celebration of the Firepower greater family, and it’s sick!

Shell Shock Vol 2

Mix tl
Fox Stevenson – Untitled
Fox Stevenson – Lightspeed
Mystress – Bumba
Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ in (Skrillex Remix)
Koan Sound – Meanwhile In The Future
Rekoil – Mugen
Stan SB (Fox Stevenson) – The Process
Noisia – Alpha Centurai (Receptor Remix)
Koan Sound – Mr Brown
Fox Stevenson – Endless
Fox Stevenson – Throwdown
Atiserum & Mayhem – Hu$tle
DJ Fresh – Earthquake (TC Remix)
Bustre – El Psy Congroo
The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Ak9 – We’ve Got Some
Flux Pavillion – Gold Love (Fox Stevenson Remix)
Fox Stevenson – Tico!
Fox Stevenson – High Five
Fox Stevenson – Untitled
Space Lace & Bro Safari – Fang Banger
Fox Stevenson – Trigger
Fox Stevenson – Untitled
New World Sound & Thomas Newson – Flute (LooKas & TheCasaBrothers Remix)
Fox Stevenson – Untitled
JFI – Hardlock (Feint Remix)
N3gus – Swag Bag
Noisia – Could this Be
Pegboard Nerds – Coffins
Fox Stevenson – I’m a Monster

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