Fourward mix


On the eve of ‘BLACK TOOTH GRIN/GUILTY PLEASURES’ Shogun’s Fourward drop a mix & they take no prisoners, check tl.

Alix Perez – Move Aside (feat. Foreign Beggars)
Fourward – Guilty Pleasures
Fourward – Aftermath (feat. Youthstar)
Ulterior Motive – Lost Contact
Fourward – Steady State
Phace – Vitreous
Upbeats – Alone (Fourward Remix)
Mefjus – Dissuade
I Am Legion – Dust Descends (feat. Strange U)
Xtrah – Cyrax (Break Remix)
Spectrasoul – Bugsy
Fourward – Sewer Run
Noisia, Alix Perez – Underprint
Fourward – Talk To Me
Noisia, Calyx & Teebee – Hyenas
Fourward – Street Knowledge
Ulterior Motive – Gang Rule
Alix Perez – Blueprint (feat. Metropolis)
Mefjus & InsideInfo – Mythos VIP
Fourward – Black Tooth Grin

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