Forbidden Society ‘Criminal’ ep interview


I caught up with Forbidden Society about the Criminal ep, part 1.

DB: If you had to leave the studio in a hurry and could only grab one thing, what? (nothing computer related btw)

FS: My cigarettes.

DB: What a great ep! I have to great straight to it: it must sound insane LIVE?

FS: Ha ha, thank you! Yeah, I’ve tested it at my gigs around the world and I have to say it’s going down really well. I spend a lot of time on the mixdowns.

DB: The ep is part of a three part series? Why is this? Is it fun to sketch out epic releases like that?

FS: This EP is part 1 of two EPs, the second is coming on July 7 2014. Then the my LP Thronecrusher will land at the end of September. I separated it this way because there are a lot of tunes I’ve been working on over the past year and a half, so putting it all out at one time might be a bit overwhelming.

DB: What’s your background in D&B? What was the main inspiration back when you got bitten? Was it a tune, or a set?

FS: Well, I started listening to some Technical Itch stuff years ago – mostly the Penetration series – and I was active in the Breakcore / Hardcore scene, so it seemed natural progression to start producing D&B, as i wanted to be a bit more creative in my music production. So yeah, Tech Itch and Ed Rush was the main people I would say.

DB: Back to the ep, what was it like to produce?

FS: It was difficult. Some tunes came out in one day, some needed a bit more. One of the tunes I actually spent almost a year to get it right. But, all in all I had fun you know. I can’t do anything if don’t find it fun, so I enjoyed it a lot!

DB: Can you do a set which is all harsh? or do you flip it? or just different types of madness?

FS: Ha ha, my sets are full of energy Ii would say, but it’s not all harsh. It’s hard but I try to be varied in my sets. There’s hard D&B, some neuro, but definately no liquid or jump up.

DB: You really work the online part of things I feel… in terms of graphics and the vibe, to get it all looking right – easier said than done – is that part of it cool or a large time consuming obligation?

FS: Yes, that’s right, again I enjoy all that side of things and the visual art of my label is very important for me. I love to work with talented graphic artists and also want them to come up with something original each time, which is not easy at all.

DB: Tell me five things that get you in the mode for production?

FS: Ha ha, good question: Good food, good sex, a good movie, good coffee and a good mood.

1: Criminal 2: Monger 3: Stress (Featuring Receptor) 4: Heavy Metal Tank (Donny Remix)

Criminal ep 1

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