Florrie – Call 911

So, we have news of a talented newcomer called Florrie. The smart ones of you out there will have taken heed of my advice and got on the Kitsuné X Ponystep Compilation album, which was released back in early June. This would  have lead you to have discovered the little gem that is; Florrie – Call 911 (Beataucue Remix) (JBag Re-edit) . Which, lucky for you, you can get this very re-edit of a remix of a great tune right here.

She’s an up and coming talent originally hailing from Bristol, UK.  With the talents of singing, song-writing, guitar and drums, I think she’s a definite name for the future. Her debut single Call 911 is out July 19th, and all I can say is get on it, unfortunately I haven’t heard a vast amount of her work, so I can’t write a full piece on it (even if I’d like to) but check her website for more of her material, there are some good remixes on there available for FREE, in as higher quality as you could wish, check it here.

Give it a go, and let us know what you think. Check after the jump for the track listing and a quick demo of one of her many talents. Enjoy.

Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)

Call 911 (Bart B More Remix)

Call 911 (Beataucue Remix)

Call 911 (His Majesty Andre Call Me Remix)

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