Flanders is a Festival: Laundry Day 2012

This past weekend I was invited to a blogger trip in Antwerp as part of the Flanders is a Festival campaign run by the Flanders Tourist board. I went on a 3-day trip around the city and on the Saturday, we got VIP access to Laundry Day festival in the south of the city.

On the first day, my guide Igor showed me around ‘his city’ and we visited the redeveloped park land in the north of the city where I spotted some pretty slick street art and graffiti.

After this, we took a tour through the historic old town, followed by a coffee stop at Normo for a damn fine Americano. The evening saw me take a meal at Applemans Brasserie, after many beers at one of the local spots in the town. For those of you have been to Belgium before, or know of Belgian beers, you know they’re strong.

On the Saturday morning I took a stroll up through the town and to the docks where I visited the Mas Museum. The museum is new and features exhibition on each of it’s floors, the top being a panoramic deck for views around the city. Afterwards, I headed back down to Kloonies on Kloosterstraat to meet with the other bloggers and the team from Tourism Flanders.

Myself, our guide Tama, Jakob from Disco Demons and travel bloggers Julien and Ryan made our way to the south of the city for the festival. We were greeted with the sound of some seriously tough Euro Techno. Pounding, pounding Euro Techno…

Aeroplane was on early, which we unfortunately missed:

I’m not the biggest fan of the Hardstyle, so once inside, we agreed to head to VIP for some drinks and once well lubricated with beer, we hit the DnB tent and the electro arena to soak up the sun and listen to the likes of Drumsound, Bassline Smith and Niskerone. I was particularly impressed with Niskerone’s skills to ramp up the crowd, he seemed to be into the rolling beats and this worked well inside the tent.

After eventually getting back into the VIP, we managed to blag our way to get pints for just 2 tokens instead of 4, and as you can imagine, the rest got a little messy. It turns out The Pope loves the Hardstyle.

I’d like to say thanks to Igor, Tama, Peter and Jan for organising the trip. A special thanks to Petra for the accomodation.

About Flanders

Flanders is the ultimate place to experience the festival atmosphere during summer. Every year millions of happy people gather for their annual piece of happiness in Flanders. More than 280 festivals, 13,500km² of festival ground, The biggest bands, The most original sceneries and World’s Best festivals make Flanders top of the bill as a music destination. Flanders offers you an exciting atmosphere in a region full of history. You can enjoy live music in lovely and trendy cities as Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Leuven. Historical sites, exquisite gastronomy and excellent shopping possibilities give your festival experience that extra punch.

For further information about visiting Flanders please have a look at the Visit Flanders website.

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