Field Day 2013

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At Fried My Little Brain we sometimes have the unexpected privilege of becoming hard working, music seeking, gig-attending members of the press. And while still having to take on a part-time job maybe one day we will be able to attend amazing music festivals for a living and write articles on how much fun we have at these events. One can dream.

Luckily enough for you I won’t be writing about my ideal job fantasies or my dreadful experiences working in an underpaid and fairly overpopulated pub in Islington. But the wonderful time we spent at Field Day 2013.

Our hopes were low after a terrible week of rain and grey skies. So as we headed to Victoria Park we repeatedly gazed at the clouds and prayed for good weather. Thankfully, our (and I’m sure all of London’s) prayers and expectations of clear skies were heard. The sun was shining and you could even feel the heat blazing through. So the fun began.


As one can assume when going to a festival a couple of things are very likely to happen. First, you will most likely loss your group of friends and walk around alone for at least one hour or two. So naturally that was the first thing that occurred.

Not to worry, great opportunely to walk around freely and explore. I slowly wondered around and stumbled upon the Desperados stage. It was undoubtedly the festivals smallest stage, but by far the loudest. Acts like One Man, Bok Bok and Girl Unit knocked out their signature trap beats and the small jam-packed crowd loved every minute for it.


One hour passed by. I was getting tired of head bumping on my own so I headed over to find my friends. Finally reuniting right across the other side of the grounds – It was a glorious moment. Hugs and high fives all around.

The second thing that is most likely to occur when attending festivals is that your probably not going to see every single act you had in mind. So quit you’re moaning and try to enjoy yourself. We spent a good time wondering around so we made it our mission to go see one of the strongest and most interesting minds in dance music today, Daphni (Caribou).


Daphni’s set embodied all from the jazzy house-breaks of “Yes I Know” to Caribou’s fearless techno melancholia. A perfect combination of grooves and rhythms that got all the Bugged Out stage carelessly dancing with one another.

Disclosure came right after with what seemed to be the afternoons main attraction. “White Noise” and “When The Fire Starts To Burn” were blasting off viciously. The young lads served up quite a strong live show.


As the day slowly turned into night the excitement grew stronger.  Finally, what we can here to see. The two producers that have been taking the world by storm one explosive song at a time.

You could feel the electricity in the air, as the balloons floating around Four Tet’s set (remember the second thing that is most likely to happen at festivals) were slowly settling onto the empty field. It was time to see TNGHT.

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Right around this time things got pretty blurry. The duo’s ground-quaking beats stomped away more powerfully than we could ever imagine. Hudmo stood behind the decks nodding his head while occasionally puffing on his cigarette. Lunice, being the natural born rock star that he is, hyped the crowd and bounced his way up and down the entire stage.

When TNGHT finished their set we were slightly stunned from the withdrawal of the strong strobe lights and we just seemed to witness sonically.

So despite for a couple of unlucky mishaps here and there Field Day 2013 was a fun action packed day. Graced with beautiful weather, friendly crowds and most importantly amazing music. Thank you for having us and see you next year.

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