Fanu Finnish Compilation interview

Fanu has just dropped his new ‘The Breakbeat Sound Of Finland Vol 1’ compilation on Lightless featuring a wide array of artists including Resound so we chatted about how it came to be…

F: It was a plan for me for a long time that I would compile an album by Finnish breakbeat music producers to highlight the type of music that gets created in this cold, remote country of ours. Finland is a small nation not everyone knows much about but we have always made amazing electronic music in many genres. That’s why I wanted to do a little Finnish music showcase in the form of D&B.

When I kicked it off and it started rolling, the compilation almost put itself together without me having to do much about it… and I think there was a bit of luck in there as well as almost every track that was sent to me made me feel the “Oh yeah!” feeling that I need if I am to put that track on my DJ playlist, for example.

It also makes me happy to realize that I think producers who wanted to get involved got the idea of what Lightless represents and there are plans to work with some producers towards a bigger release in the future.
 What I’m also very happy about is that the artist, Lonekink – who did the artwork for the compilation and who has been doing all Lightless artwork recently – is also living in Finland, so this is as domestic for me as it gets.

DB: Speaking of the artists, could you give us some general background?

F: Many of them are active contributors to the D&B scene in Finland, which is great, but many of them haven’t had that much of their music released, which makes it all even more interesting, and I’m happy to offer them this chance to get their beats heard as they totally deserve it.

I didn’t want to put myself there at all as I always have enough projects of my own, so this is only about the others, and I think all these guys really deserve the chance to be heard, and I hope people do a little research on them if they find their music something they end up liking. There will definitely be more from these guys.

DB: For someone new to this style of D&B how would you guide them through it? Could you don your curator hat?

F: First, you’ll probably notice some intricacy in the rhythmical backbone as you may not hear that sort of stuff outside D&B that often. Second, the bass won’t go unnoticed. I must add here that we just had a great release party where I experienced what was probably the biggest bass I’ve witnessed in Finland and that’s exactly how you should experience this music instead of cheap phone earbuds! You’ll always hear many little nuances later, which I think is often amazing about ‘multi-layered’ music such as D&B.

Also, in general, I’d like to point out that in terms of the music we make in Finland, I’ve often found that there is something that many Finnish producers share that comes through the sound: a sort of sweet melancholy.

We’re not always ‘the most smiling nation’. You just have to get to know us, that’s all.

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