Fade ‘Dark Days’ interview

As Dark Days descend I caught up once more with Fade.

DB: The title and cover is at first ‘dark’ and scary but also makes you smile, is that what you mean by it? Maybe that it is ‘DARK DAYS’ but… we should keep smiling?
F: I think in our life we should keep smiling and make the most of life. Sometimes we have bad days, sometimes good. Right now I’m feeling happy about my life and how things are going. I am enjoying the creative process and getting new ideas from everywhere.

The recent year has been the most successful and interesting period in my life, so part of this feeling is in my music. I am finishing a few collabs and some my older works and will concentrate on others genres: look out for more dubstep and house tracks by myself in near future.

DB: With such positivity DO you think we are in Dark Days as such?
F: I think we’re not in Dark Days now, but it’s possible: a future for our civilisation?

DB: When did the title track come about?
F: I started to work on ‘Dark Days’ due to the video game ‘Limbo’ so that’s how the concept was born. Artwork is big part of this as well; you can see and hear how organic they combined.

DB: With ‘Falling Lines’ there is a lot of change and of exploration. Like every track it’s fearless.
F: I like to play with tunes, put a few ideas there to create something different.

Actually this tune is available on soundcloud for a free dl.

DB: I am blown away by the big fat electronics in this, particularly ‘Look Deeper’ & ‘Gritty Fusion’. Those frequencies must be amazing to work with live and great to layer on top of bass frequencies and beats.
F: Thanks sir! I spent a lot of time when creating these tunes, especially on bass. I am sure that they will work on dancefloors perfectly.

DB: Is there indeed some Gritty Fusion going on as the title suggests?
F: You’re absolutely right about ‘Gritty Fusion’: it’s a hybrid of dirty gritty sounds with some clean minimal sounds.

DB: So is it the case where the Fade Studio is a good place to be, in terms of creation and exploration?
F: Actually my studio is so small now. I only have pc and studio monitors!

DB: What’s coming up that people should know?
F: I just had a release on the mighty Beta recordings, so you can grab it now in all good records stores like beatport. There’s a couple of interesting things coming in the near future. Three of my tracks will be part of a big compilation on 117 [DJ Trace’s label]: you can expect a more oldschool-ish jungle/tech sound…

Then I have a digital single on Avantgarde LTD, and one track after on Avantgarde 12″.

Russian label Occulti will be releasing something called Underwater which will be consist from 2 x 12″ and CD. Also I am working on a few more EPs on my own Faded Music and big compilation project.

DB: What shouts?
F: I want to thanks my wife and at the same time the Faded Music designer & all who are supporting and taking part in Faded Music life and supporting our music!

DB: You have a tour in the works?
F: I am planning a European tour next year from May 23 to June 15. Please contact Lucie with booking enquiries on lucie@empressartists.com

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