FACT mix 255: Silkie

“A member of West London’s Anti-Social Entertainment collective, Silkie’s debut album City Limits Vol. 1 remains one of dubstep’s best full-lengths, staying close to the genre’s half-step traditions but elevating them with golden synth and brass melodies. On this year’s follow-up, City Limits Vol. 2 (released on June 23), the dubstep template is still intact, but things are more nimble than ever before, with slickly swung drums and nods to vintage rave and hardcore thrown into the mix. For those disenamored with the stodge and sludge that’s become more and more frequent in dubstep, Silkie’s your Nurofen.”

Direct download: FACT mix 255 – Silkie
(Available for three weeks)


  • Silkie – Selva Nova (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
  • Silkie – Test (Deep Medi)
  • Silkie – New York City (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
  • Silkie – Headbutt da Deck (Deep Medi)
  • Silkie vs. Skream – untitled (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
  • Silkie – Float (Deep Medi)
  • Silkie – Get up n Dance (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
  • Silkie – It’s Late (Deep Medi)
  • Silkie – Rock da Funk (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
  • Silkie – Hold Ya Head Up High (dub)
  • Silkie – Lucky (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
  • Silkie – Taxi Mi Get (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
  • Skream – Filth (Silkie remix) (dub)
  • Silkie – Outlook (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
  • Silkie – Murky (Deep Medi)
  • Silkie vs. Truth – Feel (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
  • Silkie – Birth (dub)


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