FACT mix 172: Italians Do It Better

Week in, week out, Fact provide the goods:

“A revered DJ in his own right, Simonetti grew up on a diet of hardcore punk in ‘80s New York. Friends eventually got him into the city’s heady nightclub scene, where he got a job promoting at the Mars club, a role he used to springboard a DJ’ing career across the city.

Most people outside New York’s first taste of Simonetti came in the next decade – 1993 to be precise – when he formed Troubleman Unlimited, a punk-centred label that would spread its wings way beyond hardcore, the likes of Devandra Banhart, Wolf Eyes, Black Dice, Merzbow and more recording for it. In 2006, Simonetti and friend Johnny Jewel (a member of the bands Glass Candy and Desire) started a sub-label of Troubleman, the strongly disco-influenced Italians Do It Better, which has become Simonetti’s main focus, releasing seminal records by Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire and more.

Last week, Simonetti announced the arrival of a new label, Perseo. An offshoot of Italians Do It Better, it’s dedicated to re-edits – there are three Perseo singles available, a re-edit of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Tougher than the Rest’ by Martin Vogel, a re-edit of the Steve Miller Band’s ‘Fly like an Eagle’ by Bottin, and an EP of ‘90s house re-edits by Simonetti himself. You can buy them as separate 12”s, or as part of the Edits Volume One compilation.

So what better time than Simonetti, a man whose past studio mixes are held in the highest esteem here at FACT, to step up to our very own mix plate? As ever, there’s no tracklisting, but we did have the chance to send Mike some questions to provide a little context.”

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