Facing Jinx interview

I spoke to Facing Jinx and asked him if he was a deep thinker.

FJ: I wouldn’t say I am much of a deep thinker. I try not to stray out of the shallow end of the contemplation pool too often.

I try to take influences from everything apart from D&B so the sound I eventually achieved – after a lot of trial and error – was quite sparse, clean and open but still retained a groove.

DB: There’s some spoken word on here that isn’t your typical MC type fare.

FJ: We talked about recording some spoken word and Steve (aka Just Some Guy) was really enthusiastic. I sent him the track and just said ‘Imagine you feel so lonely, you just want to cry’. He came back to me a few days later with an absolutely beautiful 6 minute story that he could recite from start to finish.

I can’t say much about the writing process, Steve would need his own full page feature for that.

I should be really happy with this track, and I am, but I just got the speeding ticket through from when I went to Steve’s house to record the vocals. So mixed feelings hahaha.

It’s quite radical in concept and a step away from your traditional D&B, but I love every element of this tune.

DB: What’s your favourite type of D&B? I hear really lovely old liquid in here, some of the ‘Manchester’ sound, even some Bristol vibes.

FJ: Yeah has to be early liquid and funk, old Calibre, AI, Makoto, MIST and most of the early Soul:R releases. I like really expressive music, those tunes that harness a vibe and take you on a bit of a journey.

DB: Name 5 pieces of music on your mind right now for whatever reason.

Dave Brubeck ‘Unsquare Dance’ This one has been on my playlist for a while.
Bon Iver ‘Perth’ Always keep the album nearby, such an incredible band live.
Deaf Center ‘White Lake’ Stunning piece of music, first time I heard it I knew I had to learn this on Piano.
Tom Odell ‘Another Love’
Pillowdiver ‘Nineteen’

DB: Do you play out?

FJ: Simple answer: I don’t. I’m not a DJ and it doesn’t really interest me much. I get really nervous and end up shaking so much I can’t work the faders very well!

If I were to do anything live it would be with a band.

DB: Where do you hit as a fan of music, what spots?

FJ: I tend to wait for a good event to come around, like ABOC warehouse or Flexout Audio night.

Hopefully next year I will branch out and check a few different nights. For the time being, I’m in the studio working on new music for next year

DB: Studio album session question: any session in history, which would you have loved to have been at and why?

FJ: A fly on the wall in Burial’s studio. I need to know how he gets his crusty crackles sounding so interesting.

Emotions ep

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