Fabio interview: Swerve/STSD

I caught up with Fabio just before the big night in Brixton tonight for Swerve in association with STSD.

DB: What’s your view of D&B right now sir?

Fabio: D&B is going through a “good phase” right now; all the DJs and producers seem really inspired again, which happens every 10 years or so.

We’re going through another Golden Era.

DB: You’re alongside a big lineup tonight as part of Swerve and STSD?

F: Swerve is def repping in South London at the moment, which is good because clubbing in Brixton is on fire right now. The lineup is a mixture of liquid and a more minimal tribal style which is catching adult ears at the moment and is the way forward for this year.

DB: The show is sounding great on Ministry Radio.

F: Ministry is a good look and came at the right time for us, an 18 month hiatus made us get hungry for radio which is a good thing.

It took a while to settle in but now we have gone weekly the transition has gone really smoothly and the shows are sounding tight.

DB: Flaco, Dave Owens, Calibre, Mr Joseph are names I associate with you, what sort of other names you into, and what would we hear you draw down Swerve?

F: DJ Response, Intelligent Manners, Rowpieces and many others are making superb music. Also Ivy Lab, Dub Phizix and Jaybee on the more tribal tip. Also Mackie Gee, Guv and Hizzle guy are making interesting jump up, loving it all. Great to see young guys coming through hungry and coming with a fresh perspective on D&B.

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