Event: Getdownordie #2 featuring Clouds (Turbo Recordings)

It’s been a few months since the first Getdownordie part and as the festival season comes to a close, they’re back with edition no.2 at The Rhythm Factory in London. Bringing down Scotland’s finest, Clouds, the GDOD chaps are planning something special – Free entry before 11 and only 5 quid after.

GETDOWNORDIE Party #2 feat. Clouds (Turbo Recordings) 2.9.2011

CLOUDS (Turbo Recordings) | LEMMY ASHTON (Snap, Crackle & Pop) | JEAN RENO (Skanky Skanky) | GETDOWNORDIE DJS (feat. Alex Kociuba, Crackedd & RM52)

@ The Rhythm Factory, 10pm – 5am

Free before 11 / £5 After




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