Es.tereo interview

Es.tereo has recent dropped ‘Junction 12’ and spoke to us.

DB: How does Berlin find its way into your music? Do you think that such a metaphysical thing is true, that the city finds its way into your sound?

E: Berlin definitely influences my sound. Just the whole thing itself. With all the different people, all from different places in the world, the street art everywhere, the abandoned houses and the illegal open-airs and warehouse parties everywhere in the city. Berlin has its very own charisma and vibe, so it is for me definitely a special place, where I get a lot from inspiration from.

DB: What clubs should we check there, if we were visiting?

E: I definitely recommend the ://aboutblank; they have really interesting nights & bookings and the venue is really nice and special, with a very proper soundsystem and a special atmosphere. It’s always fun to play there. Another name I have to mention is St.Georg – not long ago I was there for the first time to hear Ital Tek; and it was really off the hook! Good times.

Besides that you should check out Horst, and, if you are a bit more into the ‘ravy’ stuff, Gretchen. Berlin is full of clubs as you know and it always depends what are you looking for.

DB: There is something else I find in your music, and in your ‘Bass Mix’ series. This wicked, riveting vibe, so what sort of stuff influences and infects you?

E: Thanks. Next to D&B & Dubstep, I’ve been influenced a lot by techno, dub techno and house. I have a deep love for the industrial, kind of ‘dark future’ vibe and really enjoy science fiction, so I can’t deny that this stuff has a strong influence on me. But besides that, I’m very much into nature too. Walking in the forest of my former homeland, taking a deep breath of (really) fresh air to restore my energy – that’s what I need to be happy too. So maybe the fusion of these elements is the essence and main inspiration for my music.

DB: What stuff in D&B gets your head nodding?

E: Take your chance and get a listen to my latest guestmix for Everyday-Junglist. There is a good cross section of what I’m feeling atm. Just to drop a few names: Indigo, FIS, Clarity, ASC, Gunston, Om Unit, Ital Tek, Sam KDC, Felix K. But the list could go on of course.

DB: Where can we find you playing out?

E: Lately I have been a lot in the studio to work and progress my ‘new’ sound, evolve further on my way. Next time I play is on the 14th of March, ABYSSAL at ://aboutblank, Berlin. Always very good nights with a wide and deep spectrum of music, so I can only recommend to come over if you’re in Berlin at this time. There are a few more events to come, so just check out my FB.

DB: A quick visual scene to paint for us… you mention sci fi so if you had unlimited budget how would you portray your music in abstracts?

E: That’s a tough question. I think it would be a mixture or blend of pictures & movies from space. Earth. Maybe landscapes, industrial complexes, cities and more abstract things. The picture would form during the process of development.

DB: What release info do you have?

E: ‘Junction 12’ has just been released on 12″ and digital as part of the ‘Junction 12’ Sampler on IM:LTD. Marlyn and I will be featured on the Aftermath CD with ‘Winteria’ and a Silent Dust Remix of my track ‘Have A Dream’ also on the same label.

On Absyss Records another 12′ will drop in April ‘This Is Where It All Ends’, a track I did along with Marlyn, too.

‘Unsafe Operations’ a dubstep track we did some time ago will be part of the Deep Dubstep LP, also on Absyss Records.

‘Life Is Sort Of Passing By’ the very first track Marlyn and I did together will be released in March on the 3 More Years compilation CD on Dubkraft Records.

‘Spartan’, a track I did with Felix K, will be re-released as 12″ on Hidden Hawaii soon too.

But at the moment I’m working for my album on IM:LTD, which will be mostly around 130BPM and is planned for Autumn this year. So there´s a lot to come.


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