Enei, interview

Who’s not been stung by the Enei sound? The ‘Stonehead’ ep on Critical, then there’s some Fabric-related moments via Goldie, Marky and Cyantific and a total throttler of a moment on the upcoming ‘Yikes!’ remixes opus on Hospital (‘U Gotta Be Crazy’, to be specific, take cover for this one INCOMING)

Damian Bennett: Hello Enei. Your sound has a really unique feel, something that has a simplicity but with the urgency of D&B mixed in. So how would you describe it?

Enei: Hello! It’s futuristic and dark. I think it’s simple but it’s full of frequencies. My sound its dark but I’m trying to do dancefloor tunes anyway.

DB: Where are you from? Where do you live?

E: I’m from Russia, I live in beautiful city called St. Petersburg.

DB: Considering you have such a unique flow, how did it all come about? What inspired you to produce?

E: I’ve been influenced by old school drum and bass artists. Like Ed Rush and Optical, Skeptic, Konflict etc. but now I love the fresh reincarnation of this sound, yes its Alix Perez, Icicle and many many more. Actually I’ve been influenced by good films and various good music in general too.

DB: Name a fave track of the ’90s.

E: Ed Rush & Optical, ‘Fixation’

DB: ’80s?

E: Sandra, ‘Secret Land’

DB: Damn, will check, yes. So, when you DJ what sort of stuff would you build your set with?

E: I’m trying to do an interesting mix. With all kind of styles. I love to play good mainstream sound like Culture Shock and Smooth on parties and love mixing it with a more dark sound. Of course I’m playing a lot of my tunes and people love it, ha ha.

DB: What sort of places do you play? Big places or intimate? Which do you prefer?

E: I played a lot of places but I really like small clubs! Just because it sounds really clean and loud and you can see a crowd… It’s really important for me.

DB: How do you see D&B in mid-2011? In general.

E: I think it will develop. All artists always change the sound. I think tomorrow they’ll make a much better music than today! And actually now the scene is full of cool young producers who make a really good sound. I tried to play that sound in the last two podcasts for Critical.

DB: Got to hunt down. Speaking of which, what release info you got?

E: Now I got Stonehead EP on Critical music in early August and then we will try to release my album.

DB: Where did the sort of ‘primitive’ title/feel for the ep come from? I love it as it’s sorta retro too.

E: Stonehead… it’s about this tune! Because drums and bass sounds heavy as a stone in your head. The same things I can tell about three other tunes.

DB: Killer concoction… hey, do you cook btw, Enei?

E: Yes I really like cooking. I prefer to cook some Italian food, love to make pasta carbonara, bolognese and anything with pesto sauce. A month ago I was in Italy and now I can make a cool pasta with salmon.

DB: To die for!

  • Enei’s ‘Stonehead’ ep is out soon, Check Critical Music’s site
  • pic by Asya Voytovich

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