Eavesdrop interview

I caught up with Eavesdrop as the new album ‘Pins & Needles’ drops 1st March on Loop and asked about the release…

E: I wanted my debut album to show musicality and diversity within the D&B genre.

DB: For newcomers, is it typical of your sound, or is this a recent development of your sound?

E: Not sure what my sound is exactly, I write whatever I feel at the time. You may see many different styles coming through from me in the next few years. My personal belief is that music composition should always be explored, with experimentation always taking center stage and not allowing your music to sound personally generic.

DB: In general where are you happiest: at a club, in front of PA heads down, behind decks or in studio? I personally love how all these worlds mesh.

E: They all have their place, I love being in the studio creating and mixing-down tunes. Love that feeling when you write a tune and then start to mix it down and it pops out – Boom! Then you know you have something to play out.

DJing good fresh music to a heavy crowd is always a good feeling, I go as far as to say maybe one of the best feelings I know. I’ve been a DJ since 1999 and play most weekends, it’s a huge part of my life and I always enjoy it.

Also known to cut a few shapes every now and then…

DB: Name a tune on this of which you are particularly proud.

E: My favourites have changed during it’s inception, however ‘Pins & Needles’ for the vibe mainly. There are better mixed tunes on this album but this one has my heart.

I’d like to mention that Over Ride was a New Zealand based producer and DJ from Nelson. I wrote ‘Over Ride (Dedication)’ in honour of his life and passion for the bass music culture, he passed away in late 2012. RIP

DB: What will happen in 2013 to make humanity a better species?

E: More love & Trap music


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