Earth Leakage Trip interview


Earth Leakage Trip are a unit with a long history, stretching way back with labels such as Moving Shadow, Rising High and also appearing on Orbital’s ‘Back To Mine’. They have new material via Nexgen.

What strikes you about ELT is that they are deep thinkers. Let’s face it: to many people in beats and bass music the use of vocals and lyrics is there as an ornament. They may SOUND emotive/angry/heartfelt but the lasting message may be minimal.

ELT come from a time when people like Silver Bullet resonated hard and Public Enemy wasn’t the tribute act it now seems content to be.

Plus they’re concerned about the way the world is going. This is their version of events in their language. If you want to add to it the get on the comments.

Hell it’s a change from hearing about festivals abroad… for five minutes at least.

DB: What is a way to sum up what inspired this latest batch?

ELT: The inspiration for my latest ep material has been a general quest for the truth about this and other subjects. Musically I’ve been inspired to create a soundscape conducive to my research and experience. Today I believe it is our duty to do our own research into the world of control and power and is the only way to understand what’s really going on. We can no longer trust governments or mainstream journalists to help us keep genuinely informed. People must take a very hard look at what’s going on and make informed decisions about what they contribute and how they act in society.

DB: I feel that – and this is based on the vid – the world is a hazardous place to you. Is that the case, or do you want people to sit up and question things more?

ELT: The world is not just a hazardous place for me as you stated, it is by far a hazardous place for all of us right now and if we don’t quickly learn and take some responsibility to know the truth and resonate the truth then we are looking at a very bleak future very soon.

DB: What are five big subjects people should take time to look into with the resources they have?

1. The Sky, Weather modification / Geo Engineering / Dane Wigington / Haarp / Chemtrails / mind control / Nick Begich
2. Food modification / GM food / March against Monsanto / Fluoride in your water
3. New world order and a microchipped population / Alex Jones at infowars
4. Project Camelot / Bob Dean / Clifford Stone / The citizens hearing on disclosure.
5. The occult world Jordan Maxwell.

DB: You have been around for a long time. I remember 92 like yesterday and know the everyday hardworking drill: music distributed by men in vans and striking up a relationship with distributors and the like on the phone. So how do you guys see the state of music now and your role in it?

ELT: I see the state of music right now in many different ways. The music business at the top end is not really about the music, it’s just about business. I believe it is not only about money but also about restricting the true power of music, to keep people in a zombie state mindlessly following things they are told are the latest must have, restricting their own sense of good, controlled by people who are not interested in you having your own access to your own creative powers.

True music has the power to inspire people to act, to take part, and do their own thing whatever it is. True music gives you freedom, and that doesn’t serve the music business at that level. As always the best music is to be found underground, hidden or pushed deep down by the heavy control of the cooperate industry machine, it seems harder to find today now we are swapped with free music all across the internet. Again finding the true music is up to us and with a developed sense it is easy to find a wealth of great new music.

If people would like to see some of my early works they may have missed, most of it has been uploaded and there’s a channel here. Some picks would be:
‘No Idea’ on Moving shadow
‘The Ice Cream Van From Hell’ on Rising High
‘The Awakening’ on Rising High

Plus ‘Electric Fan’ on Rising High, ‘Rattle Snake’ on Cooking Records & ‘Magic Horse’ on Cooking Records.

Pic by Chris Turner

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  • Kim Grayson

    Absolutely, you must question everything from our governments to the mainstream media! The food, water, and immunizations we are being fed and made to take have poisons and toxins, and genetically modified crops are ruining our soil, killing off bees at an alarming rate, and changing our dna, you can not go into a grocery store without purchasing items that are GMO free, unless you buy organic, it has become a crime to grow your own garden in your home in the United States, Mansanto has claim to most crops and their gmo crops are seen in almost all the food we eat, yet other countries will not accept their gmo crops…wonder why? They spray our skies with barium, where do you think the fall out from that goes? This is the chemtrails you see in the sky, it’s to control our weather. Radiation from fukushima is destroying the Pacific ocean, it has been leaking and hasn’t been controlled since the earth quake in Japan almost a year ago. But no one speaks of this, the sheeple are hypnotized by their tv’s and iphones, they’d rather stay in their fake world and talk of Miley Cyrus on the VMA’s! Our world is being destroyed while the people sleep, but this has been the New World Order’s plan all along they add flouride to the water to dumb the public down, they don’t want a smart, thinking public, that would ruin their plan, they want obiedient workers/slaves, and they plan to cull 90% of the worlds population, if you think you are part of the 10% think again! Look up fluoride it’s a hazardous waste, and it does nothing to improve dental health which is how they’ve been promoting it to the American public for over 40 years! If you want to begin to understand the reasoning behind all of this you should watch the video Wake Up Call, we are in debt to the federal reserve before we are even born, all money loaned by the reserve has debt attached to it, yet they never print the extra money to cover that debt, it just keeps piling on as they create money out of thin air, and it’s not backed by gold or silver or anything tangible, it’s just paper. Here’s the link 911 was an inside job to begin a war on terrorism, the only terrorists are our own governments, there are plenty of videos that show bombs going off before the towers fell, but do your research there is so much more to the story, the pentagon was hit with a missile not an airplane, there is so much to cover, thankfully there are people everywhere beginning to wake to the lies we’ve been told for over 200 years! Do your research and don’t believe the lies you are being fed from mainstream media.

  • FanuJanne

    You had a dope release on Direct Source – it was you, right?