Dust Audio interview

I caught up with Dust Audio boss Dan in between releases on his fine label to discuss what they do, their amazing roster and first asked about the mindset behind the label…

D: We’ve been into D&B since day one, we’ve promoted our own events for well over 14 years and always had a keen interest in all things D&B: we don’t hark back about the good old days because I seriously think the music is just as good now as it was back then, we like to move forward.

DB: You’ve recently dropped The Underpass EP pt.3, how did it come about?

D: Over time we just got the right batch of tunes together and decided to do it.

Tunes from long term Dust Audio artist Minor Rain came first then Clima sent through ‘Tension’ which just fitted perfect with the ethos behind the series. Minor Rain has his next release on Vinyl set to drop b/w Fre4knc & Maask and we’re mega excited with that. Clima who released the dub-influenced When it Rains it Pours EP on our Subsidiary label Turbine Music about a month ago have been sending lots of tunes through and they’re getting better and better. They already have a debut vinyl release in the works as we speak.

DB: Noticed the inclusion of Kyrist too…

D: It was also great to get Kyrist on board with the massive ‘Emerged’, which sounds bigger every time you hear it. There’s also Boycot who’s a new name to us: got in touch and hit us with some good tunes.

DB: What highlights you got on this? For me Clima is incredible.

D: Clima are two producers from Spain who are probably two of the most enthusiastic guys you can meet and we are happy to work with. ‘Tension’ to me is 808 bassline done properly, over skippy drums with a heavy dub influence which is what the guys are all about. The tune we have set up for a vinyl release to me is something that I personally love already; it’s what I expected to get from the boys and a lot more on top.

DB: So how did the acts come together on this? Did it all just happen or did you start with a vision in mind?

D: The tunes came together naturally but the vision in mind has always to keep a long EP series running continuously on Dust Audio. It’s a great place for the artists who are perhaps new, up and coming to get a bit of a profile as in these hard times for vinyl sales. It would be suicide to throw a new artist a release on wax without helping boost the artists profile beforehand.

DB: Sometimes the real underground sounds would be great to hear on a big mainstream club PA system. I’ve always felt that. Music at it’s rawest being played at full force. If you could play anywhere, where would it be?

D: We’re in talks with a few clubs in the UK and Europe about taking the Label out on the road, early 2014. And we hope to hit a few festivals next summer. Like most up and coming labels it would be great to do a room at Fabric.

DB: You got the next one lined up?

D: Lined up on Dust Audio we have our next vinyl release set to drop at the end of September featuring Minor Rain/Fre4knc & Maask after that we have a special tune from Gerwin featuring the vocal talents of Lameduza with a remix by someone very current who we cannot name yet!

After that we have a Banger from Trilo and on the flip it will be Clima’s debut vinyl release.

On our Subsidiary label, Turbine Music we have the Acoustic Trauma EP dropping soon featuring Dyl, H.Shiratori, War Machine, Maject followed by Acid Lab’s Aeons EP.

Also EPs from Dyl and Fularity to come before the end of the year.

DB: How do people get in touch? I know your soundcloud is the hub.

D: When people submit sounds all I ask is they add contact details! But seriously, we are ears to everything. Just take a listen to our soundcloud and if you think you can fit into our label then you never know, you might.

aim: Dan@DustAudio
‘Beastbox’ b/w ‘Jazz Pants’ drops Sept 30

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