Drum and Bass Classics – Part 1

Alien BeamBack with some heavy heavy tracks. Inspired by Knowledge Mag‘s top 100 drum and bass tracks of all time, here are five night stalking, dank dealing killers for you!

Starting with the man, High Contrast, the sample in this is just sick, drop a massive bassline and mix…

What can I say about Cutslo?! Just wait for the drop, wait for it, turn the lights off and blaze it out!

Champion sound – required listening… nuff said!

Let’s go way way back to ’96 for this banger – Nightflight has a totally killer bassline and jungalist flava!

and finally for Part 1 – AI have this rolling choon that you just can not ignore…

I’ve been playing these out LOUD – the neighbours are gunna kill me! Come back next Sunday for Part 2.


ps. the photo is by James Broad (a drum and bass lover) and is not CC but I’m asking him now if I can post it!

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