Dream interview

I caught up with Dream in the wake of his ‘This Isn’t House’ ep for OWSLA

DB: What’s your mission in making the tunes you do?

Dream: I suppose my mission is to make music that I like but also everyone else likes. I’m trying to be more musical and make people happy when they hear my music so I’m trying to leave some of the aggression out of it.

DB: Interesting point as so much aggro music about.

D: I would prefer people to smile and dance when they see me play than mosh… but balance is key so I don’t mind a little bit of both.

DB: So with that in mind, what do you mix your sets with?

D: I play a little bit of everything from 110 to 140 bpm try to keep my sets as fun and exciting as I can. I feed off the crowd and play what I think will be most suited to that specific moment in time! The music scene is growing, genres are merging and the whole scene is flourishing in general but it’s always important to give a great performance. I think when you do it’s reflected in the crowd.

DB: What sort of reaction do you get, live?

D: Well when I play my music it gets a really good reaction. It’s the best feeling in the world to see thousands of people dancing to your song.


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