Dr Tron remixes galore!

There’s fire in the hole. This hole is filled by Dr. Tron. The hole was made by Crookers. Now it’s been filled.

As far as details go… the remix came about when I noticed there were only two remixes of that song floating around online; I thought it would be a good opportunity to show off my production. I love the vaguely baroque sound of the original (and especially highlighted in the Beetroots remix), and I thought I could adapt it well to my style. I have been producing electronic music for about eight years, at first crafting IDM in the vein of Autechre and Squarepusher and slowly moving in a more house/electro direction upon my first exposure to Daft Punk many years ago.

And the Dr. has kindly offered you lot some more of his spectacular remixes:

[audio:http://rynrgsdl.ethangar.com/drtron/soltaofrangomiamiremix.mp3] [audio:http://rynrgsdl.ethangar.com/drtron/fancyfootworkyawnhammerremix.mp3] [audio:http://rynrgsdl.ethangar.com/drtron/alalafortyloveremix.mp3] [audio:http://rynrgsdl.ethangar.com/drtron/phantomtwotronsexualremix.mp3] [audio:http://rynrgsdl.ethangar.com/drtron/lexluthorremix.mp3]


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