Dr Meaker interview

DB: How would you describe the Dr Meaker sound, for people new to you?

DM: Well, our slogan that we use to describe Dr Meaker is ‘Dr Meaker splices the dirt with the soul to fire up the soundsystem’.

DB: Just to break it down are you one person or a group of people?

DM: Clive Meaker is the producer and we all play a role in adding to the sound on the recorded music.

Then we play it out live, with stripped samples of the tracks mixed to us playing our live instruments. So we have Clive on keys/synths, Tom on drums, DJ on bass guitar, Lorna on vocals, Ben on sax and Jon on trumpet. We also have a heavy dancefloor feel with sub bass and so on.

The main idea is for us is to be promoting on stage the same bass and beat heavy sound that you hear on the record with the live element on top.

We also do DJ/PA sets with Clive DJing, Lorna on vocals and our MC called Redskin.

DB: Are rehearsals a blast? I can imagine with you that they’d throw up as much kinetic energy as the gigs.

DM: Yes, yes definitely, we let loose and rock in rehearsal as we do on stage! We all really believe and are 100% behind the music we make so naturally that makes us really go for it.

DB: I have a lot of experience and love for Bristol. Are you part of the same DNA that has thrown up so much incredible music from the city and continues to? Or is that rubbish and it could come from anywhere?

DM: We live and breathe the Bristol Bass Sound. We are all seriously inspired by the Bristol dons of the past and we love to be a part of it all.

DB: What’s a definitive live moment that made you want to get up there?

DM: Aaaahh there’s so many moments. I think Clive’s is probably the most prominent as he is the founder of Dr Meaker. He saw The Prodigy at Glastonbury ’96 as a youngun and it blew his mind: he wanted to be up there playing music one day like them and performing on a major stage at Glasto, which he has managed to do with us.

DB: Bryan Gee loves your music and I know also loves the attitude of the Bristol artists, how did the linkup with V come about?

DM: It was David Boomah who sent Brian Gee our track and he absolutely fell in love with it. So big up to David Boomah and Brian Gee for giving us the amazing opportunity that is our release on V Recordings!

DB: Got some live dates we should note?

DM: We will be heading to Boomtown Fair this summer and Beautiful Days Festival and many more so people should definitely come see us play live, it’s an amazing experience, we really do give it our all and rock out! (see at end)

DB: Lastly, the fly on the wall question I ask? Which studio session in history do you wish you were at?

DM: Lorna: Otis Redding in the studio to see him recording his vocals and creating that everlasting soul music that he created.

Clive: Liam Howlett ‘cos god knows how he created some of the best dance music ever made in his bedroom aged 18! He must have been a whirlwind of creativity, he was just flying!

Golden Lion Fesitval: 28th July – Bristol
New Quay Festival: 3rd August – Wales
Boom Town Fair Festival: 12th August – Winchester
Beautiful Days Festival: 18th August – Devon
Puggshole Festival: 1st September – Salisbury
Brisfest Festival: 23rd September – Bristol


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