Dr Meaker interview June 2013

Dr Meaker
‘s ‘Don’t Think It’s Love’ has just dropped. Back during Glastonbury it was time to chat to Clive…

DB: You’ve had some serious radio airplay recently, so for people new to ‘Don’t Think It’s Love’ would you explain the ethos surrounding it?

DM: ‘Don’t Think It’s Love’ represents exactly what we’re about: it mixes the soul vocal with an underground drum and bass sound. It isn’t as heavy and up front as tracks of ours like ‘Fighter’ but it’s a roller and is always a huge track live. We have been playing this tune out for a while now and it was one that we all felt would be great to put out as the next single. We will be playing ‘Don’t think It’s Love’ live at Glastonbury with Romaine this Sunday.

DB: Who is Romaine exactly? Great voice, beautiful.

DM: Romaine Smith is a vocalist from Bristol. We have known each other for quite a while now and his vocals work great over our sound. This track has been cooking for a while now but we are really pleased with how its turned out. Romaine has a great tone, which cuts through the music we produce. Romaine is also in another project called ‘Typesun’ who doing great things, check them out!

DB: And is ‘Don’t Think It’s Love’ part of a larger batch of gear? What is next from you?

DM: Yes we already have a few more singles in the pipeline at different stages, some are just demos but others are pretty much completed. We are always writing new material. We can’t wait for everyone to hear the new sounds and some exciting collaborations.

DB: On the live thing, I always wonder if you guys would do a ‘Disclosure’ and appear on the same circuit including TV… think Jools Holland! Does that appeal? You’re built for it.

DM: I think everybody would love to be on that show really, as it is known for breaking new acts and a great way to get your music to a lot of people. I have seen some dance acts on that show that don’t quite pull it off because dance music can purely be an ‘in the moment’ experience and sometimes this doesn’t translate in the TV Studio environment, especially if it’s a DJ Laptop scenario. As a platform for our music I think it would be great. We’re not only a dance act but we are all live musicians. We really give a lot of thought to how we are going to translate our music from the studio recording to the live performance. Anything as big as Jools Holland would be awesome exposure for us.

I think as a band collectively though we would all say that if you want to experience Dr Meaker you have to come see us live ’cause that’s where you can really experience how the music sounds and see and feel the energy of our act.

DB: So on the live topic, what festival type things you doing?

DM: We have a busy live summer schedule this year. Sunday we are playing the Sonic Stage at Glastonbury festival alongside Disclosure, Nas, SBTRKT & Sub Focus. Looking forward to that a lot! Then we also are playing BRISFEST, SHAMBALA, NOZSTOCK, NEWQUAY, WAVEFORM, AUDIO SOUP, OSTRAVA CZECH REPUBLIC and more!

DB: And how many in the live on stage crew… with what instruments?

DM: Usually we perform as a 6 piece. We have myself on Synths, Lorna King (Vocals), Tom Wheeler (Drums) DJ Edmund (Bass) Ben Wood (Sax) and Jon Winder (Trumpet). We will bring on guests for the bigger shows as well for example we have Romaine and another talented singer Laurent joining us as additional vocalists, performing the tracks they have worked on with us.

DB: Live ‘dance’ acts can be a tricky subject, maybe not as ‘instant’ as rock acts in some cases. So how do you guys combat
this, so you’re on fire and the sound is BANG ON immediately? It’s a logistics one.

DM: Anyone that has seen us live knows that we go out there and give it everything. We never come off stage and think we could have given any more than we did. As a dance act you have to capture an energy right from the start and take it to the end of the set. It’s the visual aspect as well for us live. We like to rock out and the crowd can sense this energy and just get into it with us and share the experience.


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