Download: DATABREAK episode 1 by J57

Here’s a mix from the homie J57 who he done with aONN from Be on the look out for an instrumental compilation coming out next week called ”Mute Dialogue” featuring J57 and many other producers that he admires.  The last track of this mix is actually the last track of the project as well. Tracklisting and download link after the click. Hope it Fries.


1. Eyedea & Abilities “Re-Introduction” (prod. Abilities) R.I.P EYEDEA
2. Blu ”Amensia” (prod. Blu)
3. Soul Khan feat. Akie Bermiss ”Fahrenheit” (prod. Marink)
4. Recess ”Strike Me Down” (prod. Recess)
5. Brown Bag AllStars “In His Shoes (DJ Brace Remix)”
6. Koncept ”Gift In Disguise” (prod. The Audible Doctor)
7. DJ Brace “NH26” (prod. DJ Brace)
8. J57 feat. Sene, Co$$, Homeboy Sandman “Still Phenomenal” (prod. J57)
9. J57 feat. Digga Jefferson Price “Digital Society” (prod. J57)
10. J57 “Mute Dialogue” (prod. J57)

Download: DATABREAK episode 1 by J57

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