Dose mix and interview

I caught up with Dose. Mix and tl at end.

DB: Sorry to start off with the obvious but am mainly aware of you from Friction’s show, and your track was at the top of his very first show after he took over from Fab & Groove too. How would you describe your style of D&B?

Dose: Hi there, oh cool, I’ve been around for sometime, but not in the limelight so to speak. I guess but have been releasing since 2006.

I just experiment and write what I feel.

DB: Is your music a direct result of DJing?

D: Yes, I was first a DJ.

DB: You’re based in New Zealand?

D: At present I’m based in New Zealand. Have recently just come back from the UK. I’m hoping to kinda hop between both for the next couple years, following the sun.

DB: What got you into D&B, what was the moment that you decided ‘this is me’?

D: Gigs of course! international DJs would come out to NZ around once or so a month around 1999-2003 and the hype was massive.
So we all went all out for these nights and had some of the best nights of my life, somewhere amongst those nights I made a decision to be a part.

DB: Could you name some key influences in the music then?

D: John B ‘Pressure’
Concord Dawn ‘Morning Light’
Noisia ‘Messiah’ remix
Bad company ‘Nitrous’

All of these tunes are attached to epic nights and memories!

DB: Can you give release info?

D: Next up is Dose ‘Face your Fears/Three Measures’ on SGN:LTD which is out this week.

Loadstar – Black and White – (Hamilton rmx) – RAM
Prolix & Dose – Serial Sinner – Uprising
Mindscape – Warp Zone – Commercial Suicide
State of mind – Azwell – SOM Music
Dose – Face Your Fears – SGN:LTD
Fourward – Steady State – Audio Port
Maztek – Limber – Renegade Hardware
Mobb Tactics – Prang – Dutty Audio
The Upbeats & Teknik – Hollow Mountain – Non-Vogue
Mindscape – Startdust – Commercial Suicide
Dose – Self Control – Subtitles UK
Maztek ft Mc Nuclear – What We bring – Renegade Hardware
Enei – Moving Fast (June miller rmx) – Critical
Dose – Three Measures – SGN:LTD
BTK – Drop it – (Optiv rmx) – Dutty Audio
Dose – Nine Lines – Subtitles UK

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