DJ Patife + Swerve Summer Session

Swerve returns tonight for the Summer Session and it promises to be utterly legendary. Why? Well, up alongside Fabio – playing two hours’ worth of specialist, mystical, locked-down Liquid Funk D&B – are Swerve residents Tendai & Chris Intaface, Shogun Audio’s Technimatic – no doubt repping the upcoming, very special Flashbulb ep… and the Brazilian legend that is Patife! We caught up with the latter for a quick chat… do NOT sleep on this fab Swerve Session.

DB: How have you been Patife, what have you been working on in 2015?

Patife: I’m great. This year it’s been very inspiring. Been working in the studio a lot in Brazil also here in UK, Austria and Portugal.

Watch this space for my new material.

DB: How has your time in the UK been?

Patife: Been in UK since May 5 working in the studio, travelling around Europe, connecting with friends, DJs and producers to get the vibe rolling.

It’s amazing this period of the year, very sunny, warm and it’s pure happiness around.

DB: For people new to your sound, what can they expect from you at Swerve up with Fabio and Technimatic (below)? What sort of tunes will you drop?

Patife: I love playing Soulful D&B with a Brazilian, Jazz & Reggae touch.

Can’t really say exactly what I’ll play but for sure we gonna have a lot of fun.

DB: What sort of tunes keep you in love with D&B?

Patife: Much love for this music of course and everything behind D&B keeps me all over this music. The history, people involved, the pioneers.

The way of producing this music is great, completely different from other types and the most important thing is how D&B can absorb any other kind of music itself.

That for me is huge.

I love ‘The View’…


DB: What dates and news have you got for us, for the summer?

Patife: Tonight it’s my last date here. But I’m back August 20 for some more. I’ll also be playing down in Sardinia at SunandBass from 5th till 12th September.

Swerve at KONNECT, 1 Terminus Place, Victoria, London SW1V 1JR
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