DJ Ollie, Direct Top 5 and The Remixed ep

DJ Ollie has recently been hard at work on The Remixed EP featuring the work of Voltage, Modified motion & Faction, Zen & Majistrate, and he also gave us some words about his label, Direct Recordings.

In the spot he’s isolated FIVE tunes from the label’s past that he likes and why…

DJ Ollie: It’s been tough to pick just five tunes for this feature, having seen all of the labels tunes through from A&R, club testing to release I have a fondness for all of them for different reasons, but it’s been fun to listen back through and relieve the memories triggered by sounds I’ve not heard for a while.

Of course some of our biggest releases have been remixed and are coming on The Remixed EP, I’ve tried to include a bit of everything and select the music that is a bit more personal to me.

So in no particular order…

Ego Trippin’ ‘Nubian Sundance’
A very early release on Direct from my good friends Ego Trippin’. I used to play on Cyndicut FM back in the day with M.A.T.T from Ego Trippin’.

I had this on dubplate for a long time before I even thought about signing it. Through airplay on the station this track got a lot of love and always used to go down well when I played it at early Pue Science parties at the legendary Atomics. There was also a great dubplate vocal mix featuring Deeizm which never saw the light of day.

Not only were they friends, but I was a big fan of Juice & Splash Recordings back in the day so it was exciting for me to have M.A.T.T and Majistrate, who’d been a big part of those labels, on board for our first few releases.

Ravager ‘Get Satisfied’
I had to let the label lie dormant for a while I focused on real life issue such as getting a real job and buying a house. When I did finally decide to get things running again I had to rethink my whole approach to releasing music as record shops were closing down, right and centre, this was the label first digital-only release.

Ravager sent me about eight tracks, all of which were very good. I was just reminded of this tune again this summer when it randomly came on in a bar out at Innovation In The Sun in Spain. I was impressed by how fresh it still sounded.

Oversight ft. Sativa ‘All Good Things’
This was something slightly different for the label, generally I won’t release anything unless I’d play it in my DJ sets. I broke that rule for this tune, while it wouldn’t fit in my DJ sets it got played non-stop in my car.

Unfortunately it didn’t sell as well as I’d hoped, but it’s a beautiful piece of music & generally if the music is good it will stand the test of time. I want to be able to listen back to the label’s releases in 20 years time and still have it sound exciting to me.

Oversight is a very talented musician and Sativa’s vocals sound wonderful on this.

I still love it.

Stickbubbly ‘High Tide’
This is big room D&B at its best. I always love getting new music through from Stickbubbly, it doesn’t come often but when it does it’s a treat. I’ve been playing this everywhere over the past few months; it went down especially well out at the huge Innovation In The Sun festival when I played it at the foam party.

DJ Ollie ‘Funky Milton’ (Dubalty Refix)
This is me in liquid D&B mode.

I was intending to put out my original mix but this mix by Dubalty sounded so much better I had to go with this version instead. I still love listening to this track.

People always used to ask me what a ‘Funky Milton’ is, basically the track was quite funky and Milton is the wife’s maiden name, I have very fond memories of listening to this while skiing with her so I just put the two things together.

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