DJ Chap interview

São Paulo’s interstellar DJ Chap has something big due on Innerground soon, one of the big, big labels to watch this year. Just caught up in general.

DB: Hey to you DJ Chap! Your sound may be defined as ‘liquid’, it sure is but overall it has a strong identity of it’s own, it’s really YOUR sound. It is very warm, very confident with the emotions it contains, broad and strong.

Chap: Exactly, I try to put my personality in my music.

Also I really love the liquid funk sound itself of course, a lot of leads/pads and some sub-bass frequencies. Also I love the work of the Brazilian producer SPY because of his personality in his beats: amazing! Sounds heavy and deep at the same time.

DB: I know; you hear SPY through a big system and it’s got this tough, bounce, this texture, this resonance which is like nothing else. I know of great tunes from you (and also with people like Andrezz and also Level 2) such as ‘Sunshine’, ‘Tell Me’, ‘Midnight Love’ so what tunes of yours are you the most proud of?

Chap: One of my tunes I can definitely highlight is ‘Tell Me’. This song had very good support from Bailey at the BBC. It was with this tune that I felt I was rising up in the D&B scene. When Bailey did a rewind on the radio, I almost had a heart attack! Ha ha.

DB: Yeah, what a tune! So tell me how you got into D&B, what’s some background?

Chap: I got into it about 2003/2004, through my friends and I got out to a lot of D&B parties. I started DJing and producing D&B in 2005.

DB: What sort of D&B influenced you? Can you perhaps name some big ones over time?

Chap: Well, I have many influences in D&B, a bit difficult to name just some but I can highlight Calibre ‘Got A Thing, Klute ‘Acid Rain’, DJ Marky & XR ‘Breeze’, Random Movement ‘Stars in the Dark’, Makoto ‘Golden Girl’ just for some.

DB: Hey regarding where you’re from, I believe you have a beautiful, massive city in São Paulo. A proper city. If someone was to touch down there for the first time, could you give them some tips about where to go for music, D&B… beats, anything?

Chap: We have many, many options here: the city is 24 hours non-stop, and we’re lucky to have so many D&B nights. Parties such as ‘Movement’, ‘Marky & Friends’, ‘Monsters of Drum & Bass’, ‘Deep D&B & Influences’, ‘Forbass’, ‘The Bass’, ‘All The Beats’, ‘Spirit Of London Festival’, ‘Together Party’, ‘Liquid D&B & Dubstep’, and many more.

DB: That’s insane. I’m getting there asap. I really am. So what about food? Can you give some good tips on places to go, maybe after a club? A late night one.

Chap: ESTADÃO Restaurant!! One of the best place to eat in São Paulo after the parties. You can find everything to eat there, but here in São Paulo have so many places to eat good food nom nom nom ha ha.

DB: Ha ha! Tell me about some great gigs you’ve done?

Chap: The party that I really loved playing was at the Herbal Sessions in Valparaiso in Chile. I played almost three hours and people really felt the positive vibrations of D&B. And here in São Paulo… so many nights, for example my work with The Sound Movement (Hot Hot Club) With DJ Andy and Fernanda Porto, the singer of the ‘Sambassim’ tune With DJ Patife.

DB: Got my copy right here!

So what sort of stuff are you drawing right now?

Chap: I usually always work in my productions and the productions of my partners in Brazil, songs like ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’ by Level 2 and ‘Slump’ (on Critycal Dub) are great for the dance floor, always! I can’t forget the great tunes like ‘See You Again’ by Random Movement and ‘Punta Las Marias’ by Flaco.

DB: Ah, how amazing is Flaco? So what names should we look for with you?

Chap: In Brazil, many producers have been doing really good work: L-Side, Subsid, Duoscience, Level 2, Critycal Dub, DJ Rusty… not only the producers but the new Brazilian labels are gaining more space, as LuvDisaster Records & SP Breakz and of course great Labels like Innerground Recordings from Marky and Beatmaster Recordings from Drumagick, always great music through them.

DB: And finally what’s 2012 got in store for Chap release-wise?

Chap: Well, I’m very glad to have been signing my tunes to different labels like LuvDisaster, Sp Breakz, Digital Blus and others. My latest releases will come out on Innerground Recordings & Liquid V and I’m very happy with these labels too: really respected labels.

DB: So many, many thanks to you, this is inspiring!

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