DJ Chap ‘Inna Streets’ interview

DJ Chap has just dropped the ‘Inna Streets’ ep on V, time to catch up again.

DB: Hello again Chap! We spoke earlier this year, so how have you been?

Chap: Hello! It is a pleasure to speak again, I have worked a lot since then! I’m very happy.

DB: The new ‘Inna Streets’ ep is very full of ideas. Can you talk about some of the tunes and what you put into them?

Chap: Well, I tried to pass an idea of how I was feeling in each one. The name itself ‘Inna Streets’ gives the feeling of the way in which people live, an urban way of expression and communication. ‘Fear’, ‘Don’t Wait For Me’, ‘Let Me Love You’ express some stories of everyday life in the streets.

DB: There’s a ‘classic’ vibe to the tunes & also a really wide variety… does it reflect what you love in D&B?

Chap: Yes, sometimes I miss that ‘classic vibe’, I try to redeem some of that in my productions. But I also like to make it sound fresh.

DB: And what about you as a producer… what makes you want to produce lots of different styles? Does it connect with your mood, for example?

Chap: Yes, I always try to be neutral before sitting in the studio, but my mood reflects a lot in my productions, even if unintentionally ha ha.

DB: What have been your favourite parts of 2012 so far man?

Chap: Well, my football team, Corinthians, was champion of the Copa Libertadores and will participate in the world championship in December in Japan I’m glad because maybe we can play with Chelsea, that will be a great match.

Also this year I realized a dream: I played the big night ‘Marky & Friends’ here in São Paulo with Marky himself, it was an unforgettable night.

I can sum it up in one word: evolution. I feel very happy with all the things that are happening to me this year, I’m happy with my productions and would like to thank Bryan Gee for all the support from V Records.

DB: Speaking of Marky what about the D&B music made by Brazilians, how do you feel about it?

Chap: I’m glad to see the evolution of the Brazilian D&B. I see artists like Nitri, Critycal Dub, L-Side, Subsid, Unreal, Duoscience as part of a great artistic growth. Also it’s inspiring to see the progression of artists like BTK and S.P.Y… great quality artists who arrived at a high level in their productions. The result of much dedication.

Artists like Andrezz and L-Side are producing many good things! Andrezz recently did a remix of the classic ‘Dreamworld’ by Physics. You should also watch Urbandawn, who recently signed up with Hospital Recordings and Bad Taste Recordings.

DB: Last, my album session question: which album would you have loved to seen recorded?

Chap: In D&B, I would like to have seen the studio production of album ‘Second Sun’ by Calibre.

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