DJ Bassikz and Mekar MC unleash Blueprint 9 mix tape

Uncompromisingly honest and with a flawless delivery, South East London’s Mekar MC is fast becoming a household name in Drum and Bass. Having played across the UK and Europe alongside some of the most established artists in the industry, his work rate is consistently high, delivering show stopping performances at every opportunity.

Not only focused on Drum and Bass, the break through emcee is currently enjoying a dalliance with Hip Hop with a new album to be released very soon, featuring his own original productions.

Taking a break from his hectic schedule of bookings and recording, I caught up with Mekar to find out a little more about his new mix tape.

Joanna Louise Ranson: So can you tell us what the blueprint series is about?

Blueprint is a series of mix CDs that Fatman D has put together to represent his label and agency Biological Beats. The previous CDs have featured MC Frosta, MC Impact, Lady V Dubz to name but a few and of course Fatman himself. DJ D Raw and MC Boxer Banton were responsible for Blueprint 8.

JLR: How would you describe the style of drum and bass you concentrate on?

My style if DNB is definitely what you could call dark side double time. I love the darker side to the music and I love the faster side to MCing. Fast MCing is an art that can be easily confused for noise, there’s a lot of rubbish about nowadays but when you break down what I do personally, there is a fine art to the double time lyrics.

JLR: What has influenced you during your career, and especially within this current mix tape?

I think without getting too deep here, getting to know my dad was a big part of it. He was a true junglist, he knows everyone and when I was brushing shoulders with the music aged 13 it was pretty crazy. There was a mad energy that I got from the music do I did some research and before I knew it, I was sitting there trying to write lyrics like Skibba and Eksman. Those guys inspired my career, GQ inspires my presence. For this CD, I was inspired by the whole scene, right now the MCs are getting a lot of love and I’d like to make my mark, put a stamp on the rank ladder and prove myself to be one of the best right now in June 2011.

JLR: What would you say is the most important aspect of your lyrics?

It’s got to be keeping real to my words, making sure my supporters know I’m coming hard and always at my best. I try to keep my energy at crazy levels and my presence and vibe unique with a classic Drum and Bass outcome.

JLR: How would you describe your creative and production process?

Bassikz and I put a lot of work into this CD. We looked in the crates for some personal favourites and contacted our friends in the industry so we could put together a track list that’s unbeatable right now. I took time to fully write the whole of the introduction and then keep the energy up with the classic chats.

JLR: What do you hope to achieve with Blueprint 9?

This CD is for the fans who are becoming part of our rapidly growing fan base. It helps to create opportunities so we can leave London and perform for Drum and Bass heads worldwide. If you would like to hear me and Bassikz at a forth coming event, then you can book us via the Biological Beats agency and Fatman D.


You can download Blueprint 9 directly here or alternatively via Soundcloud.

To find out more about the Biological Beats agency visit their Facebook page and Soundcloud.



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