Distance interview

DB: Where are you bringing us with this music: if it was a city, what is it like?

Distance: Definitely somewhere that begins in darkness but ends up in light lol.

DB: What sort of things are influencing you right now… not just music.

Distance: I’m influenced by so many things & not just music. Films have had a very big influence on my production. When writing a lot of my music I often imagine a scene from a film. I’d love to get into film scoring.

DB: So which film?

Distance: That’s a tough question because most of the films I like have an amazing score already. Blade Runner or The Shining.

DB: Are you based in Croydon?

Distance: I live in Bromley South. I’ve lived here for near enough 10 yrs now, it’s very close to Croydon.

I’m close to Central London though so I’m never too far from big nights.

DB: In this music I have heard recent stuff from people such as Untold which is incredibly abstract, really pushing it. Do you think things are changing?

Distance: I’m always looking to push the scene forward; I get very bored very easily. At the moment I feel things are in a transitional period like there’s a big change coming. But I can’t really say what.

DB: If could get a few selections from time, what are tunes of yours of which you’re proud?

Distance: The tracks I’m most proud of are the ones where I felt I brought something new to the sound and possibly helped move it into a new direction.

Tracks like My Demons, Night Vision, Headstrung, No Sunshine and Beyond were all very different from what was happening around the time they were made.

DB: Live dates, soon?

Distance: I’ve got a load of shows coming up, you can catch me in Nottingham this weekend, then Holland. Can’t believe Outlook festival is next month. That’s come out of nowhere.

Some Chestplate nights coming soon.

DB: My Fly On The Wall question: which studio session in history would you have loved to have attended, and why?

: I think definitely one of Pantera’s early albums. Also Sepultura. And the Prodigy.


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