Dirtyphonics interview

I caught up with Dirtyphonics to talk about a life of Irreverence and started with that video…

Dirtyphonics: The idea behind this video was to recap what influenced us when we were younger; call it the genesis of the music we make today. The four of us have memories of watching MTV or other music channels and this influenced us a lot and we wanted to pay homage to this culture.

DB: Could you do a video for each song on the album?

D: We’d love to! Every time we write a new song we have a lot of visuals and images popping up and we actually talk a lot more about ambiance and movie scenes than about keys when we’re creating new material…We write the music to “ghost” movies.

DB: Is there a connection between where you live – a secret location near Paris – and your music? Does the city rub off on you?

D: There’s an obvious connection between the city we grew up and the music we make. We’ve been influenced by lots of different music including French House. The reason why there are so many variations in our music is also because there’s four of us in the band and we love to mix and confront our influences.

DB: Loads of styles on the album. Is it a case where you have specialists in certain styles? Where someone does the more ‘D&B’ stuff, someone does the more ‘dubstep’ stuff or do you all just get stuck in?

D: We all participate on every track. Some of us might have a stronger background in certain genres but it’s because we all jump on each track that our music is so rich and different.

DB: Live-wise, you must need a big venue to do this the right way? A big system, lots of space on stage? Or do you do it in small compact places too?

D: We do all of them and we love all of them… Playing to a 20,000 crowd at a festival or a packed 500 capacity club are two very different things and we love to go from one to the other. On our IRREVERENCE US tour we went from playing clubs to playing Coachella or Red Rocks then back to clubs. It keeps each show interesting and we love to adapt to the venue we’re playing. The only thing that never changes is our passion for being on stage and the energy that we give!

DB: So what further plans re playing live and touring?

D: We’ve just finished our North American tour that took us all across the US and Canada for the past 3 months. We played over 40 gigs, then we flew back to Europe for Beatpatrol fest and now we’re back in the US for more… After this we’re going to be flying back and forth between Europe and the US for the summer festival season, then we’ll hit Europe more massively in the fall, followed by an Australasian tour in the winter.

It never stops – we’re making the whole world DIRTY!

DB: Are visuals used for the live experience?

D: We had a brand new stage production for our US tour (The Crown) and we always have visuals with us. But the main element of the show is always us, the crowd, and the music.

DB: Got a road story?

D: Hmmm… ask around for the golf cart set on fire in the middle of the desert. I think that one has leaked.

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