Dimension interview

Dimension has a new single called ‘Digital World’ which is out early August. Friction has already dropped it thusly:

It’s on Cyantific‘s label. I had to ask Cyantific about it first, and about when he started the label…

Cyantific: I started it in 2010 after I left Hospital Records. I needed somewhere I could get the music I’d been making out, in the way I wanted. I hadn’t really been intending to do anything other than that. Mark (Wilkinson) had been saying to me for a while that I should really turn it into something more. I didn’t think much about it until we heard Dimension’s music this year, and he said to me ‘we should go in on this, I’ll be your partner in the label’. We then brought in our friend Jamie (SnapClicker) to run the label and do the artwork. It’s been great fun so far.

DB: So how does it affect your DJ and production schedule, if at all?

C: I’d be telling fibs if I said it hasn’t taken a fair chunk of my time to get it all set up. But Jamie is learning the ropes quickly, and now the ball is rolling it should be a bit less of a load to carry.

Then, I spoke to Dimension.

DB: You have a special sound, it is very subtle and textured and I don’t mean that in a lazy way, it’s is really finely crafted and thoughtful…

Dimension: Thank you! I try to spend as much time as possible on my music until the final product is as good as I can get it to sound. I still feel like my production still has a long way to go but I try to put a lot of time on the smaller details. It can take a lot of time and some of the things are barely audible but if you apply this attitude to everything, I find in the final package it really adds up and it can really make a big difference. I like to just chuck things in and see how they sound a lot as well: often it sounds horrible but every now and then you strike gold and discover something new.

Another thing I do to try and keep things fresh is not reuse any of my sounds. For example, I never use the same kicks, snares or hats… they might sound similar but they’re all different!

DB: That is a HUGE statement, really is. So would you say the style is ‘liquid’ as such or something much more your own?

D: I would say when I first started making music it was very much liquid, very influenced by early Hospital stuff. However, as you develop your ear, you get a taste for different styles. I’d say the music I’m making now is Dance Floor D&B with a slice of funk.

DB: When do you produce, is it late night, early morning, spontaneous or set time? When do you get cooking?

D: I’m extremely fortunate to be making music as a full time job. I work well at night but I don’t like being nocturnal. Sometimes you end up in the studio till dawn but waking up at 2pm isn’t for me. I tend to be in the studio from around 10am till 5pm most days and depending on what the day offers. I’ll get back in after dinner as well.

DB: What are your influences?

D: If I’m totally honest, it’s usually D&B on the iPod or in the car. I love all forms of house & electro and always listen to other music with an open ear but for me it’s drum and bass that really ticks the box – perhaps I’m young and narrow minded!

I’m fortunate enough to have learnt the piano and bass guitar from a young age so when I’m in the studio, music theory is something I actually quite enjoy. For me, the biggest challenge is to make something original and for my tunes to sound great on a system.

DB: … and on the point of crafting, what does the set consist of or is it spontaneous? I never know how this works, DJing, btw. I mean how can you enter a club and know not only the first tune to draw let alone the tunes to draw mid-way…

D: When I play out I always know what I’m opening with, usually something more well known dropped with a new big tune that I know will get a good reaction. From there I’ll normally have my set reasonably planned out but have plenty of tunes to manoeuvre during the set if necessary. I guess it’s not about keeping your eyes glued to the mixer but to have fun with the crowd and interact with them. If they see you’re having a good time they’re going to feel more inclined to let loose and have a good old rave… after all you are performing for them.

DB: What releases can we expect? I am excited about this stuff, it is glorious and really uplifting.

D: By far my biggest release to date is on Cyantific Music. It’s a single called ‘Digital World’ backed with a tune I made with Cyantific called ‘Detroit’ (above) which is coming out on the 6th August. I have to say a big thank you to Detour City who did a brilliant job on the vocal for ‘Digital World’. The support has been brilliant, from the likes of Andy C dropping it as well as Annie Mac playing it on her Radio 1 show.

DB: I ask this, if you could be fly on the wall for any studio session in history, any genre, which one and what do you imagine?

D: It would’ve been great to be in the studio with Queen, their music is timeless.


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