Digital on Technique Recordings

As 15 Years of Technique drops, Digital kindly provided a top 10 of his favourite Technique tracks.

1) ‘Palomino‘ (2003 remix)
This track goes in this list for nostalgic reasons. Oh the memories, I love it.

2) ‘Midnight Moves’, Digital + Stepa (Trei Midday Mix)
Stepa’s voice is strong, lush and soulful. Trei is top notch at repping the techy D&B sound with soul so this track works very well indeed!

3) Drumsound and Bassline Smith ‘Cold Turkey’
hits you with an eastern flavour while keeping things deep and heavy.

4) Drumsound and Bassline Smith ‘Phantasm’
DnBline nailed the hard task of making mentasm sound fresh with ‘Phantasm’. Ooh I do like a bit of ripping Mentasm.

5) Roni Size ‘Friends’
A proper Bristol Banger!

6) Drumsound and Bassline Smith ‘Junglist’
Right up my street because I’m nothing but a raver and a true Junglist.

7) Drumsound and Bassline Smith ‘Tyrant’
One of my favourite tracks from Dnbline. Stonking!

8) Drumsound and Bassline Smith ‘Odyssey’
Game changing music. A lot of artists tried to re create this track and failed miserably.

9) Digital ‘Picky Head’
Rumbling bass and crashing amens… What do these have to do with a Picky Head? Nothing!

10) Digital ‘New Age Jungle Funk’
Bish Bash Bosh Beats! It’s nice to know you can do something a little different and it can end up on a good label.

15 Years of Technique

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