Digital ‘Figjam’ interview

I caught up with Digital about the Figjam ep on Horizons.

DB: I love the vibe on each of these, sounds like you always get a strong vibe in the studio happening, is that the case?

D: No, it’s not always the case and I think that’s because I’m not doing exactly the same formula all the time. I’m not mastering the 2 step vibe or the minimal vibe because I like to play around a bit so sometimes I realise I’m making a pile of shit. DELETE BUTTON TIME!

DB: Why ‘Waiting’? Was it sparking from something, the title and tune? It has a particular vibe… did something inspire it?

D: I made this track before I left for a gig in Melbourne on NYD. I had to wait for some red tape to be fixed up before I could leave.

DB: Calibre once said you have to go back to go forward: how do you appraise your work from, say, the late 90s now? I mean the technology changed sure but the heart is the same. Do you feel the same?

D: I do feel the same but it was only when I took 18 months I came to the conclusion that I am what I am and I do what I do. I sound old Skool and I’ll never sound new Skool and that’s not a problem for me but I wanted to work out a way to get my sound louder without squashing the dynamics and losing the bass because people care about that shite.

DB: I’ve heard of some killer live sets from you recently… what’s been in those sets, material-wise?

D: Mainly my tracks, along with some from Spirit, Nomine and some oldies that people always think are new ha ha

DB: You have a lot of people who knowingly or not have embraced your approach to D&B… the rolling, in-depth nature, the deep vibes, even the 70s vibe to an extent… is there stuff from nw producers that you yourself check and dig?

D: Yes I like Response on Ingredients because he sounds old skool but fresh, just like what I’m trying to achieve. I can tell he has a wide knowledge of music because he doesn’t make the ‘same’ track all the time. Spirit and I are working on a couple of tracks with him now and I’ve finished something with him called ‘Slip Away’.

digital art

DB: What’s next, release-wise?

D: ‘Creepers’ Digital & Spirit – Metalheadz Platinum Breakz 4
‘Shaka Zulu/Archive’ – Ingredients (words soon, watch this space)
‘Sound Bizness/Come Again’ Lion Dub International
‘The Wolf’ Digital & Spirit – Metalheadz

Figjam vinyl

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