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As the High Rollers ep on Addictive Behaviour drops I caught up with Detail, who leads off the ep with ‘Lost Time’…

DB: Hi Detail, how was 2013 for you?
D: Yeah, it was a really good year for me. About nine releases on different labels such as Commercial Suicide, Symmetry, Med School, Demand, etc. And I’ve got my first vinyl release in this year.

DB: I am assuming this tune is amazing on a big rig!
D: Yes, that was the idea. Every time I play it the crowd goes wild! And I’m happy that Clayton picked it for the label.

DB: You’re from the Ukraine? You’re in great company there with the likes of Fade and Hibea.
D: In the Ukraine we have many interesting producers, people like Sunchase, Against, Hidden Element, Fade, Physical Illusion just to name a few.

Overall D&B is not too popular in Ukraine. We have a small but true crew. Want to send a massive shout to 22:22 team for their invaluable contribution to the scene.

: Are you hardware or software-based, re production?
D: I would love to have some hardware, but it’s pretty expensive. So my studio setup is: Mackie mr8 mk2, NI Komplete 6, sennhiesers and PC.

Also: I also like vinyl and even have a small collection.

DB: What can people expect from this ep?
D: This EP is absolutely amazing: four really strong tunes. My fave is ‘Mad Day’ by EastColors. Loving every one of his tunes.

Shout to all Ukrainian D&B crew, big boss Klute, Keen Demand, Nymfo, Mako, Austrian badman Mefjus and all who are supporting me around the world!

addictive behaviour sc
addictive behaviour databeats

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