delPurr & Eraser interview

I caught up with Slovakian producers delPurr & Eraser as Journey Ending approaches and asked about their influences…

dP E: We believe you might be hearing this answer quite often, but we pursue search for our very own sound, which does not exist yet and cannot be found elsewhere. Naturally we got lots of favourite, influential producers like Bonobo, Apex, ATB, Noisa, Calyx & Teebee, Enei, Bungle. But we put lot of effort to develop our indistinguishable sound. As for attitude, we love sweet melodies combined with deep atmospheres and basslines.

DB: Who are you guys?

dP E: My name is Jan, better known as Eraser, I’m 23 and my mate delPurr is 24. We are both from the opposite sites of Slovakia. We got properly surprised as we found out we both make music in the same DAW.

DB: Could you tell us about the tunes and how they came to be in terms of writing, conception and delivery?

dP E: Well, we have a typical formula for producing tunes. One of us starts a track and after running out of ideas, the tune is passed to the other one, after he likes it and agrees to continue working on it.

DB: Name one thing that inspires you?

dP E: Nature.

DB: With an unlimited budget who would you love to collaborate with?

Eraser: It would be an absolute honor to work with Bonobo. Also would like to mention Kove. Quite new in the game, but I absolutely love and adore his attention to detail and overall sound!

delPurr: It would be a great honor for me to collaborate with InsideInfo, because of the energy he adds to his tracks. The other one is Enei, because of his unique sound and ideas.

DB: I love your D&B influences I must say! What visual art do you like?

Eraser: I like photography, but have no time to nurture this actively

delPurr: I really like modern art, especially minimalism.

Journey Ending out in June via

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