Debasser interview

DB: Hi Debasser, what influenced you to do what you do?

D: The big bass point for me was seeing DJ Rap play at Glastonbury around ’97. Her set just blew me away. And this was also prior to me realising she’s also quite hot. Before then I was dabbling with electro ideas on my Amiga and I going to nights run by the old Spiral Tribe people, so my sound was very different to now. That said, those earlier influences do still creep through every so often. In time, my tracks definitely moved to a more Beer and Bass attitude.

DB: Beer and Bass! Should be a new festival name. You mention Rap, what other jungle/D&B influences do you have?

D: People like Sappo, Ganja Kru and almost anything on the old Joker Records. But also into artists like Radioactive Man, Tipper, Si Begg, AC Slater and always have a lot of time for some of the more sub bass drenched tech house tracks. I like things that make you wanna get up and dance even if you’ve had a few pints!

DB: Who are your heroes, any genre?

D: I guess my greatest musical hero would be Prince, he’s a genius and I’m a massive fan.

However in the dance music scene Andrew Weatherall would be right at the top: he’s not only one of the greatest DJs around but I also have such respect for his attitude and opinions on the scene – plus I’m quite jealous of his new beard look.

DB: What’s a track of yours you’d consider ‘definitive’ and why?

D: From my back catalog it would have to be ‘Dark Smile’…

It’s the most awesome tune to play out live. The bass just seems to work anywhere, in fact I first played it to my brother (who I run the label with) on a super shitty car stereo in my old Metro (very ghetto I know) and even then we knew it was a winner.

DB: The car radio stereo test beats any posh monitor talk any day. So where you based?

D: Based in North London currently, in Stoke Newington. There seems to be a bit of an underground (quite literally) scene building up there which is awesome.

DB: What are some music highlights of yours?

D: Well that’s a tough one, there’s heaps. I’ve been very lucky to have played at nights with a load of artists and producers that I’ve respected and followed over the years, and to be on the same bill as someone you’ve queued for hours to see is pretty fantastic.

DB: Excellent point.

D: Also when Dave Clarke was quoted saying that our label (WIDE Records) was his favourite label of the year we were pretty stoked as it was a pretty big deal us. But I guess the greatest moment for me would have to be when Disco D (RIP) phoned me up when I was still in Uni at York to tell me he was going to put out my track on GTI Recordings.

DB: What about in general, what’s a great music highlight?

D: It’d have to be when Jimmy Saville first put two record players together and realised he could DJ!

DB: Thanks. for updates
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