The “definitive” Daft Punk mashup visualised in real time

As you may well know, we’re big fans of Daft Punk here at FMLB. So is Cameron Adams, it seems…

He’s put together this amazing mashup which is visualised in real-time by some of the latest HTML5 and JS technologies:

“…I’ve always believed in the strong connection between sound and vision. Music videos are like little slices of synchronous art, designed to please all of your senses. (Go ahead, lick your TV next time “Poker Face” comes on!)”

“…Every so often I delve into music making, but aside from the cover art for those releases my music has remained very separate from my visual design work. Now and into the future I plan to rectify this, and first cab off the ranks is a data visualisation I’ve had in my head for a while.”

There’s an mp3 of the track available in the Soundcloud too:

Cameron Adams – Definitive Daft Punk Mashup by Mark Fried

The visualisation is best viewed in Google Chrome of Safari but it does work in Firefox 4 (just) and we not only acknowledge the great mashup/remix he’s made but also the levering of technology to do all of this in real-time – Fantastic work!

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