Dabs ‘Skull & Bones’ interview

I caught up again with Dabs and spoke about ‘Skull & Bones’ which also includes ‘Hourglass’ with Mortem

Dabs: Me and Kwality, summer last year were walking on San Teodoro’s streets, sunandbass time. We were wondering about writing a tune together: ‘If we make a tune, it would sound like the cannibals with the nose ring dancing around the cooker’.

We had sooooo much fun singing & freaking around that concept and just about an year later finally we got the chance to sit my studio.

DB: It sounds like it came about so organically.

D: We had exactly the idea of the direction. When it goes like that, creation process is fast: a couple of sessions and all the vocal text & recording was done. Another week of editing and arrangement and was finished. It demonsrates how important is to work with a defined concept in mind. That makes the difference.

DB: Are you in the UK soon? I mean people need to see you!

D: I’m waiting confirmation for a november gig in London atm, really hope to have it! But in the meantime enjoy the summertime, catch me up for holidays at Sun & Bass!

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