Cyantific ‘Your Love/Hold Back’ interview

As the new single approaches (5th August) I asked Cyantific to nominate some key moments of the year so far. Five to be exact.

C: 1/ the heatwave we’re enjoying in england, although it’s not ideal for sitting indoors writing music.
2/ bad lipreading videos. The NFL one was amazing
3/ Hazard ‘Time Tripping’
4/ Touring Australia earlier in the year with Nick from the Prototypes.
5/ Cheesy one, but meeting my girlfriend, she’s pretty incredible!

DB: What’s in the pipeline in general?

C: I’m taking summer off to write my album – I didn’t bank on it being this hot – and then I’m back on the road in autumn. We’ve got a great single coming from Dimension called ‘All I Need’ and that’s followed up by a new signing called Karma who’s done a great first single for us on a more chilled tip. I’ve also just finished my next next single, and I’ve got a remix coming out on Spearhead soon of an AdApt track that I’m really happy with.

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