Craggz & Parallel interview

Craggz & Parallel spoke recently about the new ep, the free tune (see the link at end). And thrash metal of course…

DB: There was a subtle name change and also a change of feel for you guys over the last few years huh? It’s all in the lp name…

C&P: The release of our second album (‘Turn The Page’) at the end of last year was an introduction to a new sound and direction from us. Our sound has evolved for a number of reasons but it’s a natural kind of progression that we feel is necessary for any artist. To keep things interesting for themselves and the listener.

DB: What stood out for you on that album?

C&P: The title track was the first track we finished and it seemed to set the theme and mood for the rest of the album ‘Future Shock’ and ‘Slave’ were other favourites.

DB: There’s some big remixes around on this ep & I wouldn’t have immediately thought of Jubei and NFM together respectively working on the material, is that random?

C&P: No it was very natural. As well as being long time friends with Jubei and NFM for us they’ve been two of the most exciting producers to come through in recent times. So it was an obvious choice. Both parties did a great job adding their unique vibes whilst maintaining the identity of the original tracks.

DB: You have an ongoing connection with dBridge too huh?

C&P: Yeah, he’s been a supporter of our music over the years… we have studios in the same building and have been known to steal kit kats and coffee from each other from time to time.

DB: I know you guys were originally from up North… that’s not the case now though?

C&P: Yes, we’ve been living in London for over six years now. We moved down here when we started working with Valve.

DB: I’ll come back to Valve. What’s the sort of vibe re D&B up north btw? I feel like it’s really brash, really full-on…

C&P: I can see why you might have that impression because of our early affiliations with Valve and other producers like Generation Dub and Taxman are all hailing from Newcastle. But there has always been a wide range of sounds coming from up north. Local producers who influenced us were early Metalheadz artists like Hidden Agenda and also S.O.U.R records Elementz of Noize who had a very different sound again.

DB: I guess I get the impression I get is that it’s a vibrant scene up there, really lively, and I always got that from your music too… actually do you guys go out much as punters?

C&P: Perhaps a little too much! It’s very easy for producers and DJs to lose sight of what got them to this point in the first place and I’d say the large majority including ourselves started our journey as sweaty ravers in a club. So we’re proud to say that not too much has changed there we still love to go out and find a corner next to a speaker and lose it for a few hours. The only difference now is that the hang overs last a little longer.

DB: Got any good messy road stories? gwan.

C&P: Yes lots. And were saving them for our memoirs.

DB: So back to the days on Valve, what was that like? I loved ‘Spectrum’ and can remember you talking about Fizzy Piglets to Flight (she said she was partial to them!) What was it like to work with Dillinja?

C&P: It was a very exciting period for us moving from Newcastle to the centre of D&B culture to record our first album for two of our long time heroes, Dillinja and Lemon D. The connection with Valve brought us a lot of attention and created a demand for us as producers and DJ’s.

Working with those guys was a great experience and we learned a lot from them and became good friends.

DB: Lastly I know there’s a bit of a metal, particularly thrash connection with you… name 5 killers from time.

C&P: OK…

‘Eternal Devastation’ by Destruction

‘In The Sign Of Evil’ by Sodom

‘Soul Side Journey’ by Darkthrone

‘Deicide’ by Deicide

‘South Of Heaven’ by Slayer

DB: Thanks.

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