Craggz & Parallel ‘Hurt You’ video and new ep

DB: Hi… I have to say: the video sums up what I love about D&B: it’s familiar & sensual but quite fucked up and volatile all at once. How would you describe it in 5 words?

C&P: Dark/Sexy/Smokey/Machine/Soul

DB: About the ep… this sound is rolling as f*ck, as is always the case with you guys. What was the main inspiration behind the ‘Product Placement’ ep? or did they all come about organically?

C&P: We wanted to release an EP that showed our versatility within D&B and we’re strong believers in quality control, so we wrote a lot of tracks and selected the best of the bunch. We see the EP as more of a mini album so wanted to take people on a bit of journey. The 12” inch from the EP ‘Hurt You’ B/W ‘The Kraken’ are the more straight forward D&B numbers while ‘Clandestine’ and ‘Belong’ are a little more experimental.

DB: So when you hit the studio will someone have an idea on the go already… a rhythm, a vibe, an idea? I guess I’m asking how it builds in the studio. it’s great to get the final stage where the tune is running but how do you get it to that final stage?

C&P: More often than not we have a specific vibe or style we are referencing in our tracks. We nearly always start with the drums and bass to build a create a solid groove/back bone to arrange the musical elements, synth parts etc around. Once we have a strong 16/32 bar loop with all the elements working together we usually work backwards taking the musical parts/atmospheres etc to create an intro. Once this in place we will structure out the rest of the track before working on the subtle progression of all the elements throughout the track using automation and effects to create interesting transitions. We usually try to switch up the bass line and or beat at the second drop too.

DB: How has 2012 been for you in the music? And how’s it looking for the second half of it?

C&P: We signed a track titled ‘Musik’ to the latest installment of Hospitality Summer Drum + Bass which came out a couple of weeks ago. As well as the D&B we’ve spent a lot of time writing house and techno for our new ‘Accent’ project so have been splitting our time between that and the Craggz & Parallel stuff. Were hoping to release another EP on Product before the end of the year.

DB: Thanks.

The Product Placement ep comes out next Monday 9/7/12

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